Summer may almost be over, but it’s still not too late to find love.

Deco’s checking out a spot where every dog has its day.

You’ve probably heard of a cat cafe, but have you ever been to a puppy lover’s paradise?

Puppy City in Miami isn’t your typical pet store.

Samantha Elera: “Puppy City is an indoor playground/pet shop, so we sell puppies but we also allow people to come and play with them if they’re looking for puppy therapy.”

Puppy therapy?! I think you mean the most paw-some therapy ever! Sign me up!

Samantha Elera: “If you’re stressed out, if you’re not having a good day and you’re just looking for some serotonin, so you come in, you play with the puppies, and usually people leave pretty happy.”

You gotta admit, puppy love makes everything better!

And who could be mad when you’re surrounded by this much cuteness?!

Samantha Elera: “You can’t be upset when you’re holding a puppy.”

The best part about puppy therapy is that it’s totally free!

And trust us, these adorable little fuzzballs are just as happy about it as you are!

Samantha Elera: “People can come in, put them down the slide. They can cuddle with them. They can carry them. They can scratch their bellies.”

Tristen Perdomo: “Walking in and just seeing the dogs at the front door and they’re just all ready to play with you and then you walk in and it’s just overwhelming about of love. It’s all over and they’re just so happy and playful. There’s no better feeling.”

And the extra playtime is good for our four-legged pals too!

Samantha Elera: “At this age, they’re two, three, four months old. They have so much energy. They need to get that out, so they do that during the day.”

Puppy City typically has about 10 puppies in the store at a time.

Samantha Elera: “We have every breed imaginable, obviously the more popular breeds like golden doodles, poodles, anything hypoallergenic is what people are looking for, so moreso those breeds, but we do bring every single breed that you can think of.”

Each pup has its own adorable personality.

Some are laid back, others just want a nap. Uhhh, I can relate.

Any then there’s the one that has a lot to say.

I think that translates to “Come pet me.”

All the dogs are on sale and looking for their fur-ever homes.

So, if one happens to steals your heart, he or she can become part of your family.

Tristen Perdomo: “I came having not a great day at work, came after just to check out the pups, and honestly it’s like I’m ready to take this one home.”


Puppy City Miami
6344 Bird Road
Miami, FL 33155

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