Give your pets a treat thanks to Petlandia and Iconic Paw

Stop your holiday shopping right this second. We may have found the perfect gift for the pet owner in your life. Shireen and Lynn both know first-hand because Lynn’s Kitty Martinez and Shireen’s Rigby Sandoval are now officially state of the art.

Delivery man: “*knocking on door* Special delivery for Kitty Martinez.”

Lynn Martinez: “Kitty, did you order something?”

Kitty Martinez: “*Kitty sitting down* Uh duh, with your credit card, human.”

Lynn Martinez: “‘Kitty’s Adventures in Petlandia!’ Wow!”

Great purchase, Kitty!

“Petlandia” makes what are essentially children’s books of your pet for your pet.

Justin Scott, Petlandia: “It’s just a really cool opportunity to have a book starring your pet! The coolest part about it is that it looks so much like your real life pet.”

That’s because on their website, you make an avatar of your pet.

A few days later, you’ve got a book to read to your fur baby.

Justin Scott: “It’s a really cool tale about your pet. He or she goes on an adventure to a place called Hollywoof.”

Lynn Martinez: “Aww, Instapaw, see? Like Instagram. But even though she had it all, it was never quite enough. I can relate. The end. Isn’t that adorable? You’re the best, Kitty!”

Justin Scott: “A ‘Petlandia’ book is just a really great keepsake.”

By the way, Petlandia also sells a bunch of other custom products, like this blanket that Kitty was all wrapped up in.

Lynn Martinez: “You’re so cuuuuuute!”

Delivery person: “Delivery for Rigby Sandoval.”

Shireen Sandoval: “Oh, wait, didn’t we already do this bit with Lynn?”

But this time, the special delivery is different, and oh boy is it “pawsome.”

Shireen Sandoval: “Wow, look at this! You like that?! You ordered something really cool!”

It’s my Rigby bear’s very own Iconic Paw portrait.

Seth Cash, iconic paw: “We take regular pictures on your cellphone, pictures you may have of your pet, and we turn them into these beautiful masterpieces.”

Dogs, cats, bunny rabbits, otters, reptiles, Iconic Paw does them all.

Seth Cash: “We take a lot of pride in them. We want to make them beautiful.”

The only hard part, really, is deciding which type of adorable regal outfit to choose from.

Rigby went with the handsome prince.

Shireen Sandoval: “Who’s my handsome bear? You my handsome bear? *kisses*”

As if that isn’t cool enough, I was in for an iconic surprise.

Shireen Sandoval: “Hahahaha, Oh, my God! My arms aren’t that big, though. You’re my sir, and I’m your queen. It’s a very unhealthy relationship.”

For information on either Petlandia or Iconic Paw, click the links down below.


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