The “Fast and Furious” franchise isn’t just about winning races on streets, or apparently, now in outer space, it also beats the competition at the box office! So, in the spirit of a good fight, we sent daredevil Alex Miranda on his most high-speed, high-stakes assignment yet.

Girls, I have been called fast, and I have been called furious, but one thing I’ve never been called is chicken, so with “F9” revving up engines, and testosterone, all across South Florida, I hit the pavement for an epic supercar showdown.

“F9,” the latest “Fast and the Furious” flick, “Dom”-inating the box office, so time to suit up because at one race track in Miami…

Lori Hersey: “We’re fast. We’re furious. We’ve got the twists. We’ve got the turns.”

The need for speed can only be capped by your fiercest competitor.

Alex Miranda: “What even makes you think that you could beat me?”

And at Dezerland Park, it was 13-year old Nathan Ravelo. That’s right, I’m go-kart racing kids!

Alex Miranda: “Like, I’ve got 18 years of driving experience. What do you got?”

And things got ugly fast.

Nathan Ravelo (confessional): One thing he does not want to bring up is age, but since he did, well, at least I’m not in my mid-30s and tired-looking.”

Alex Miranda: “Tired looking? Like, I can’t believe you would say that. It’s war.”

But, even war has rules, and this fight was far from fair.

Nathan Ravelo: “Alex, there’s a buy one, get one at Publix!”

Wait, what?! A bogo?

Ugh! Fell for it again.

Alex Miranda: “I guess I’ll have to wait for ‘F10.'”

Karting starts at $15 for kids and $20 for adults.


Dezerland Park Miami
14401 NE 19th Ave.
North Miami, FL 33181

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