The United Nations has declared 2021 the International Year of Fruits and Vegetables, so we sent our produce professor Alex Miranda to a place that’s got everything you need. Alex, how can we tell if these peaches are ripe?

Rise and shine, Deco Drive.

Aguacate Sanctuary of Love wants you to enjoy nature by getting up close and personal with it.

Daney Cabrera, owner: “Aguacate is a stop from the everyday life. It’s a one-acre land where we help the community thrive on a plant-based diet, wellness of the mind and connection with nature.”

Aguacate is in Miami, but here, you’ll feel like you’ve escaped the city.

Nicole Rivera, guest: “I just come here to get away from life.”

They have so many things here, you may have to keep coming back to see it all.

Daney Cabrera: “When our community comes and visits, they are able to explore nature again.”

From the fruits and veggies they’re growing and selling to the food they’re serving, being here is like giving Earth a giant hug, because it’s good for the planet and you!

Daney Cabrera: “On our menu items, we have all of our smoothies and juices. We create plant-based foods. Nothing gets processed. Everything is cruelty-free.”

Just a heads up, your lunch date may be a goose named Lucy.

She’s “loosey goosey,” but she rules the roost here.

Daney Cabrera: “We also have the animal sanctuary. We have about five goats, 11 piggies. We have seven roosters, eight hens. We have rabbits, geese.”

With all these animals, old McDonald would be in heaven.

Lian: “I think it’s a cool place because they keep animals safe.”

Visiting the animals is free and for just $10 a class, you can unleash your inner yoga beast.

Daney Cabrera: “We have yoga every day of the week. We have full moon and new moon ceremonies. We teach breath work.”

Nicole Rivera: “It’s a great place to bring the family. It’s a great place to come alone and just be part of nature, and a great gem in Miami and helping to do good things for animals.”


Aguacate Sanctuary of Love
12100 SW 43rd St.
Miami, FL 33175

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