Get the freedom to indulge with Sweet Liberty’s Miami Spice brunch menu

Today’s Friday, which means Shireen is already looking ahead to her Sunday brunch plans. Typical, right? Well, listen up. Sweet Liberty has put a sweet touch to Miami Spice with it’s brunch menu.

No this isn’t “Cheers.”

It’s Sweet Liberty — known as Miami Beach’s neighborhood bar.

Ben Carlotto: “What Sweet Liberty is about is what’s written in neon on the wall, ‘pursue happiness.’ It’s inviting, it’s friendly, it’s welcoming — that’s everything there is about Sweet Liberty.”

And Sunday brunch is no exception.

The hotspot known for serving up delicious cocktails is cooking up a little bit of everything for Miami Spice.

Ben Carlotto: “On our Miami Spice menu, we really want to give a taste of our regular menu at a lower cost.”

That cost — $23! And there’s plenty to choose from like their leaning tower of French toast

Ben Carlotto: “We actually use brioche, we coat that in the egg mix, we then put Cornflakes on the top of that and grill it and then we stuff it with fresh fruit — strawberries, bananas we cover it in pastry cream.”

Yum … I’ll take two of those!

To their own version of chilaquiles…

Ben Carlotto: “It’s a staple Mexican dish with a Sweet Liberty twist.”

The South Beach bar isn’t messing around when it comes this feast.

Ben Carlotto: “Brunch entails a three course meal with a complementary cocktail or a glass of wine.”

That includes their house special — the espresso martini.

Ben Carlotto: “The espresso martini is a wonderful way to get your caffeine fix and to start your day.”

That’s not the only way to get your boozy brunch on at this place.

Ben Carlotto: “We’re also offering bottomless rosé for $20.”

But of course you can’t have Sunday brunch without a killer Bloody Mary.

At Sweet Liberty, their’s is a family recipe, and it’s called Grandma Sue’s Bloody Mary.

Ben Carlotto: “The Bloody Mary has what you would expect from a Bloody Mary but that little touch of something different that Grandma Sue always put into her Bloody Mary’s.”

From cocktails to brunch favorites, Sweet Liberty gives you the freedom to indulge.

Customer: “The French toast… mmm. So good.”


Sweet Liberty
237 20th St B.
Miami Beach, FL 33139
(305) 763-8217

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