Get the A-list treatment for your nails at these 2 SoFlo salons

Your feet might be getting jelly because now there are Christian Louboutins for your hands. Here’s how you can polish up on a new trend.

Most fashionistas know Christian Louboutins are the it shoes.

Those red soles are special.

Thanks to Majesty Day Spa in Fort Lauderdale, you can get the Louboutin look on your nails too.

Mariah Ellington, manicurist: “Majesty Day Spa is a full service spa. We do everything but hair. It’s really a place where you can come and get luxury services that are a little bit over the top, but are affordable.”

Majesty says guests get a royal experience, and their Louboutin manicure makes sure it’s trendy too.

Mariah Ellington: “One of the most unique services we have is the Christian Louboutin red bottom nails.”

Just like your favorite pair of Louboutins, you have one color on the top and underneath is that signature red.

Mariah Ellington: “We have two different ways to do the red. We can use the Christian Louboutin red and paint them under your nails, or we can layer a gel red and layer it with your clear tips.”

The shoes come in colors like black, beige and blue, and so does the manicure.

And the Louboutin colors have their own special shaped bottle so you know they are legit.

Leticia Teixeira, customer: “On the bottom, they’re red and it gives that nice sleek look when you turn it over. It gives it a whole new look.”

The Louboutin manicure starts at $70.

Mariah Ellington: “Whenever anyone sees the Christian Louboutin manicure, they love it.”

The fancy fingers don’t stop with the nails.

Snob Creationz is making your cuticles cute.

Kristie Rucker, business owner: “Snob Creationz is mostly known for our manicures, our nail arts, and our designs.”

Snob Creationz is a mobile service — so they come to you.

And we caught up with them at a back-to-school bash where they nailed one of the newest trends.

Kristie Rucker: “Right now, they have called something cuticle art where it is on the skin above the cuticle area.”

Cuticle art can be pre-made decals or painted freehand, and it’s placed at your cuticle line.

Kristie Rucker: “You can do it in any color, but my preferred colors are black and white. ”

Cuticle art starts at $30 and goes up. And the art lasts anywhere from one to three days.

Nadege Leblanc, customer: “Their cuticle art, it’s fun, it’s flirty. She’s so creative. And anything from Snob Creationz is going to be the best in the business.”

Getting a plain manicure is so last season.

We should know. We have our fingers on the pulse of fashion.


Majesty Day Spa
511 SE 5th Ave. unit 2
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301
(754) 223-2669

Snob Creationz
(954) 770-1615

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