Nothing says “Miami” more than dogs having their nails painted and their fur dyed. Oh, yeah — there’s a place here that does it. And while your pet is getting pampered, you can too. Lynn decided to check it out … and brought some company.

Lynn Martinez: “Hi! Milo and I are ready to get our nails done!”

Spa day!

My old man and I went for some TLC at Neo Pet Spa in Brickell, literally right next to Neo Nails.

You could say it’s the bark of the town.

Allen Morali: “Time is money here. I thought, ‘Why not create a place that can be good for people to be able to get service at the same time with the dog.'”

On top of the usual grooming, Neo Pet Spa offers paw-dicures with nail polish, and even temporary fur dye using pet-safe products.

Lynn Martinez: “He’s gonna go get his spa on, right?”

Employee: “Yes, bath and spa.”

Lynn Martinez: “OK, bye, Milo. Pick a good color!”

Allen Morali: “The idea is just to make the dog a little more chic-e. It’s nice to keep them in-fashion. They are very emotional animals, like us. They need a break. They need to be pampered.”

But what about me? I work hard! I deserve to be pampered too!

Lynn Martinez: “Now it’s time for me.”

Over at Neo Nails, I was more than ready for a pedicure of my own. And let me tell ya, relaxing for work is divine.

Lynn Martinez: “I wonder how Milo’s doing.”

Milo’s about to look fab, although he’s a little unsure about the nail polish part.

Milo’s getting blue and pink polish because he’s totally secure with his masculinity.

Then into the tub he goes for the dye. Who’s a good boy?!

Allen Morali: “Some people like their dog to show off, so their dog is gonna get some attention as well.”

But back to moi.

After a foot massage while in the massage chair, it’s time for polish.

Lynn Martinez: “We both got our nails done.”

And right on cue — in comes Milo, sporting his brand new look and a Deco dog collar.

Lynn Martinez: “You’re a deco dog! Thank you! We both got our nails done. Spa day.”


Neo Pet Spa
426 SW 8th St.
Miami, FL 33130
(305) 306-4444

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