Get lost in a mirror maze at the Frost Museum of Science in downtown Miami

Shireen’s favorite kind of math is addition — like adding to her shoe collection. You might have thought you ditched math back in high school or college, but whether you like it or not, math is everywhere! And the Frost Museum of Science has subtracted the boring and multiplied the fun!

You’ll never look at the world — or yourself — the same way again once you walk through A Mirror Maze: Numbers in Nature, a new exhibit at the Frost Museum of Science in downtown Miami.

Alex Miranda: “Reach for the rings. Feet together. One arm out.”

Rivah Winter, mathlete: “A lot of people don’t have good relationships with mathematics, but really, this exhibit tries to show people of all ages that math is a language that permeates the natural world and our everyday lives.”

In addition — did you get that reference? — to an immersive theater and interactive screens, the centerpiece is a seemingly endless mirror maze.

Rivah Winter: “You walk around a corner and see yourself from an unexpected angle. There’s a lot to think about in that space, and I think people of all ages are going to get a lot out of this exhibition.”

Alex Miranda: “I’m about to enter the 1,700 square foot mirror maze, and because this is a three-dimensional puzzle, it feels infinite, so hopefully I can find my way out of here.”

With some challenges scattered throughout…

Alex Miranda: “Another dead end.”

…and worse.

Alex Miranda: “We’re back at the front again!”

And when you feel like giving up, there’s always the floor.

Alex Miranda: “How do I get out of here?!”

But 10 minutes later…

Alex Miranda: “Is this the end? We made it!”

The limit does not exist!

Alex Miranda: “Tada!”

A Mirror Maze: Numbers in Nature opens tomorrow at the Frost Museum of Science in downtown Miami.


Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science
1101 Biscayne Blvd.
Miami, FL 33132

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