Get Halloween ready with PRIV makeup services

Is there anything better than getting pampered for a big event in the comfort of your own home? Definitely not. And thanks to the makeup app PRIV, you can get Halloween glam without having the stress of doing it yourself — because these pros come to you.

Vampire blood, bronzer, lots of black makeup — PRIV is prepared to get you Halloween ready!

Marissa Mosseri, PRIV: “Our pros are trained to offer special effects makeup that could be everything from face painting to synthetic blood.”

From glam to gruesome, the PRIV team will fulfill your Halloween wishes.

Marissa Mosseri: “A makeup artist will bring the face paint, but if you want something extra, like vampire teeth or synthetic blood, the user can purchase those ahead of time, and then the PRIV pro can use those to create the full look.”

Spook people out like Pennywise from “It.”

And this dude is not clowning around.

Or work your wonders as Wonder Woman, the super sexy superhero.

Hey, Shireen remember when you and I did that?

But we just had to ask which Wonder Woman she’s channeling: Lynda Carter or Gal Gadot?

Brea O’Donnell: “Gal Gadot. She’s just like so hot right now.”

Here’s how it works. Download the app and…

Brea O’Donnell: “You just go on and you select the service that you want, and then it’s simple. They show up at your door and they make you beautiful. It’s convenient, it’s easy, it’s affordable, and you don’t have to fuss yourself, especially with something like Halloween makeup that’s a bit more complicated.”

And you don’t have to worry about booking ahead of time.

Brea O’Donnell: “PRIV users can either request service on demand within the hour, or they can book it up to 30 days in advance.”

The makeup artist will usually be there within the hour, if you need them day of.

From girly and pretty to bloody and gory, this Halloween, PRIV can have you prepped when the witching hour is upon us.

Customer: “It’s either trick or treat, I don’t give out treats, so I try to trick.”

PRIV is offering Halloween makeup the entire month of October. Prices will vary based on the look you’re going for.



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