Get great finds from businesses on wheels

Chris loves food trucks, you know why? It combines two of his favorite things … eating and eating. Right? Such a great idea. But now, it’s more than just food. It’s fashion, too. Gifts on wheels is music to Shireen’s ears, especially during the holidays.

Forget running through the mall, dragging shopping bags and fighting the crowd searching for holiday gifts because these trucks full of gifts will come to you.

Priscilla Gonzalez, Petal Karma: “Petal Karma is a mobile floral boutique. We’ve basically come up with the idea to bring a wholesale flower house right to your door.”

It’s basically like picking flowers out of your backyard, except they do the work for you.

Priscilla Gonzalez: “You kind of have that experience of being able to shop literally right off the truck.”

And you can either get something that’s already made…

Priscilla Gonzalez: “If you have the time to customize something, I’m all for it.”

Or get your vintage fix thanks to Stevie Wanders.

Stephanie Farokhnia: “I am a huge Fleetwood Mac fan, Stevie Nicks.”

That explains the name!

It’s basically like a vintage mall on wheels that has…

Stephanie Farokhnia: “A little bit of everything. And I do take pride in not being exclusive. There is something for everyone in here.”

She isn’t kidding. From leather jackets and clothes to jewelry and bags, it’s like a magic bus that keeps on giving.

So how does it beat going to the mall?

Stephanie Farokhnia: “Besides not dealing with the crowd at the mall, you really will find something rare, you know, like a special gift to give to somebody.”

We caught up with both of these businesses on wheels at The Wharf in Downtown Miami.

Emi Guerra: “The Wharf is a special event venue. We feature a variety of culinary attractions and different nightly entertainment.”

From ping pong tables to cornhole to food trucks, it’s basically like one giant party over looking the river.

Emi Guerra: “It’s beautiful. We’re on the water. We feature different talent every single time we open. We’re family-friendly during the day, in the evening it’s an adult playground.”

And shoppers love the convenience of these gifts on wheels.

Shopper: “It beats going to the mall because you don’t have to go to the mall, they come to you.”

Both businesses on wheels say they’ve gone as far north as Palm Beach.


Petal Karma
9823 SW 27th Ter.
Miami, FL 33165
(305) 853-6475

Stevie Wanders Vintage

The Wharf
114 SW North River Dr.
Miami, Florida 33130
(305) 906-4000

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