Many of us in South Florida can dance. Lynn twerks, for example, and Shireen does the Robot, but if you have two left feet that are no match for SoFlo’s Latin rhythm, we bet you’ll love these new free lessons! Deco’s Alex Miranda, who’s still mastering the Electric Slide, is here with more.

I guess I’m only Cuban American from the waist up because these hips aren’t good for much.

Although, they can sit down at the slot machine all night, baby, and at one casino in Dania Beach, my money is on us becoming more OK at dancing than ever!

These guys are dancing like they just hit the jackpot!

That’s because Latin Thursdays are going down at The Casino @ Dania Beach!

Joe Eshkenazi, The Casino @ Dania Beach: “It’s completely different than any night here at the casino. It’s a little bit more high energy. It’s awesome. It’s a totally different vibe.”

The casino teams up withMiami Salsa Scene for the weekly event.

DJ Jorge Charun, Miami Salsa Scene: “It’s a concept we came up with where we can bring the community together that live in the area. They’re looking for something different to do.”

We’d say this is different, all right.

You’ve got a salsa and bachata dancing going on in the middle of a casino!

With DJ Jorge Charun keeping the music bumpin’, you warm up with a little dancing lesson.

Instructor: “Now, I’m gonna teach you a quick little pattern with what we’ve just put together, OK?”

First-timers, have no fear…

DJ Jorge Charun: “It might seem a little intimidating at the beginning, but you can literally be salsa dancer in the first five minutes of the lesson.”

Once 10 o’ clock rolls around and everyone’s up to speed, it’s time to party!

DJ Jorge Charun: “A lot of people come in, they try it, they fall in love with it. It’s a great way to socialize and meet new people.”

Especially after the year we just had.

DJ Jorge Charun: “Now that things have opened up — thank God — and things are slowly getting back to normal, salsa dancing is one of the things that’s been the most sought after activity. Why? Because it’s healthy, you get to exercise, you get a good sweat out of it, and you get to mingle.”

Sandra, guest: “To be able to come out now, it’s just wonderful. I feel very safe here, and it is fantastic to come back into this after such a long time.”

Cheers to that and to bargain price adult beverages!

Joe Eshkenazi: “On Thursday nights, we have $5 drink specials. They’ll be changing week to week.”

Five dollars is good. Even better? Zero dollars.

That’s how much Latin Thursdays cost. In other words, it’s free. No cover charge here, folks.

Sandra: “That’s the icing on the cake. You have all the fun, and you spend what you want.”

The hour-long free lessons take place Thursdays starting at 9 p.m. Results: Not guaranteed.

However, the $5 drink specials do help, according to research I’ve conducted at several weddings.


The Casino @ Dania Beach
301 E Dania Beach Blvd.
Dania Beach, FL 33004

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