Painting is fun, but stuffing your face with chocolate is even more fun. Now, at long last, you can combine the two! For more, here’s Deco’s culture and confections correspondent, Chris Van Vliet, to explain.

South Florida is full of creative people, and we’ve covered a bunch of really creative art classes on Deco Driver before, but at this class, they let you eat the paint!

Exquisito Chocolates on Calle Ocho is putting a delicious spin on the ordinary art class.

Carolina Quijano, owner: “It’s painting with a chocolate twist, if you will, and you get to eat chocolates along the way.”

Not only do you get pieces of chocolate, you’re painting with chocolate.

That’s right — forget everything you were told as a kid. This paint is safe to put in your mouth.

Carolina Quijano: “Everything that they’re painting with is edible, so it’s just cocoa butter with different colors in it.”

Finally, paint you can eat!

Kelsey Johnson, customer: “It’s like against everything my mom ever taught me. ‘Don’t eat your paint!'”

Each canvas has the same floral outline, but that doesn’t mean the finished products will end up looking alike.

Carolina Quijano: “The cool thing is, even though we all start with the same design, everybody comes up with very different color schemes, which is really nice to see people’s creativity.”

After you go to town on the canvas with your chocolate-soaked brush, you’ve got your very own unique keepsake.

Carolina Quijano: “It’s something you can take home, frame and actually keep it forever because it will solidify.”

Milly Milton, customer: “This is my first time painting with anything edible. It was really fun. It was a unique experience to be creative while also tasting really amazing chocolates from all over the world.”

Kelsey Johnson, customer: “This was so much fun. Definitely a novelty. I had a really great time doing it.”

The class, which costs $49, finishes up with a tour of the factory so you can see how cacao becomes chocolate.

Painting With Chocolate classes are offered every Friday night.

They suggest you book your spot in advance because they fill up.


Exquisito Chocolates
2606 SW 8th St.
Miami, FL 33135

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