Get crabby! 3 restaurants serve freshest stone crab of season

Stone crab season is Lynn’s favorite season because he just loves getting crabby. And there are some South Florida restaurants serving up stone crabs like you’ve never had ’em before.

This stone crab season, there are some dishes that’ll have you wanting to get crabby.

Jose Mendin, chef: “We came up with the idea of doing a stone crab pasta using the stone crab as the garnish and putting it on top to say, ‘Here I am, season’s here.'”

The stone crab fettuccine alfredo at Pubbelly Noodle Bar leaves no stone unturned.

Jose Mendin: “We use two stone crabs per pasta, and we keep one claw. We take one claw and we take out the knuckle, and we roast it in some garlic with jalapeno and bok choy leaves. Then we make homemade fettuccine.”

And it’ll have you in fettuccine amore.

Jenn Smith, customer: “It was unique, and I really liked whatever they put on it that was a little salty and crunchy. It gave it a little something extra.”

At the Fontainebleau Hotel on Miami Beach, they take their stone crab business very seriously.

Thomas Connell, chef: “What’s unique about our stone crab and what makes them so fresh is we actually own our boat, and we own 2,400 stone crab traps.”

In other words, they get their crabs on their own — no delivery service here.

The hotel’s Cantonese restaurant Hakkasan is bringing the heat to stone crab season with these black pepper stone crabs.

These stones are cooked in a wok and are full of flavor.

Thomas Connell: “The sauce is basically combination of hoisin oyster sauce, fresh black pepper, little bit of broth, and the stone crabs are just basted in that sauce. They really get marinated and glazed quite nicely.”

Hmmmmm … I’m getting hungry.

Krissy Fassbinder, customer: “They were so fresh, warm, spicy but not too spicy. The sauce is so good.”

At StripSteak by Michael Mina on South Beach, they’re cooking up the Stone Crab Oscar.

William Crandal, chef: “It’s a variation on a classic. It’s essentially steak, crab, beautiful butter sauce, slightly torched.”

And this dish can be served a couple of ways.

William Crandal: “We can offer the Stone Crab Oscar classic on top of your favorite steak from our menu. Or if you’re a pescatarian, we can put on top of a bed of vegetables or your favorite fish entree as well.”

Sounds like these stones are rockin’.

Joe Cortese, customer: “It was a nice, simple way to go about it. You know, not having to get all dirty with breaking up the crabs.”


Pubbelly Noodle Bar
1418 20th St.
Miami Beach, FL 33139
(305) 532-7555

Hakkasan at Fontainebleau Miami Beach
4441 Collins Ave.
Miami Beach, FL 33140
(800) 548-8886

StripSteak by Michael Mina
4441 Collins Ave.
Miami Beach, FL 33140
(305) 674-4780

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