Get around 6 SoFlo cities at no cost with Freebee

Uber and Lyft are great for getting around town, but a new service lets you cruise a neighborhood for free. Deco’s checking out the clean and quiet way to fly around town called Freebee.

Dealing with traffic and finding parking is a fact of life in South Florida, but one company wants to ease the sting.

John Janusz, Freebee: “Freebee’s a lot of different things for a lot of different people. We have students that use Freebee, we have vacationers, we have professionals.”

Freebee is a rideshare service that uses golf carts to get you where you want to go.

The service is available in six cities in Dade County — including Coral Gables, South Beach and Wynwood.

Riders can flag the driver down or use the app.

Freebee driver: “The main button you need to know is ‘Request a Pickup.'”

John Janusz: “A couple years ago we developed a sophisticated app, similar to Uber. Someone can just pull out the phone, download the app, hit the pick me up button and then tell us where you’re going.”

Yes, there’s a reason it’s called Freebee.

John Janusz: “It’s free. That’s the best part. Freebee — it’s in the name. No cost whatsoever.”

Locals and visitors are buzzing about Freebee.

Patron 1: “As a tourist, you get to see everything, feel the wind in your hair, drive around, it’s a really good experience.”

Patron 2: “The fact that it’s a little bit more small, not like a typical car that you can just hop into.”

And the drivers?

They know their stuff.

John Janusz: “We tend to hire people from hospitality backgrounds so they have personality, charisma, they’re knowledgeable about the local area.”

So if you want to tour the Wynwood Walls or cruise to your favorite restaurant, Freebee will take you there — no fee.

John Janusz: “It’s really important that it’s not just transportation from point A to point B, but it’s a whole experience.”



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