Deciding what to eat: it’s one of life’s most challenging questions every single day, but one SoFlo spot has a solution. Try everything!

I’ll have one of everything, thank you very much.

The Doral Yard is more than happy to make that happen!

First thing’s first, we’ve gotta make sure you’re familiar with The Doral Yard.

Della Heiman, The Doral Yard: We are a community hub, a food hall and an entertainment venue. We strive to be a space where people can come and enjoy in a really casual way.”

The huge indoor/outdoor space has a bar and a few very distinct cuisines.

Want to try a little of everything? You got it!

Della Heiman: “Sometimes, people come here for a specific concept, but they don’t really have that chance to discover other vendors, so what Taste of the Yard allows people to do is come try all of our vendors here all at once.”

Taste of the Yard includes house wine or beer from the bar, shrimp dumplings from Yip, mini plant-based bowls from Della Bowls, chicken and tamale from Un Pollo and a churro from Santa Dulce.

Got all that? Because I’m definitely not repeating it.

Della heiman: “So, for $25, you can try four different culinary concepts here and get a great drink, and it’s super eclectic and delicious.”

Mario Cabana, guest: “The fact that you can come over here, get a drink, get multiple foods and dessert for just $25? You can’t beat that.”

You also can’t beat how easy this all is. Just get your packet of tickets when you walk in and hand one over whenever you order.

Food’s ready! This next part of the process is the easiest — you eat!

Mario Cabana: “It’s fantastic. It’s a great idea, especially if you want to try new food, and if you wanna try different things, it’s a great concept.”

Lilia Pozos: “I think it’s great for families, for friends, for your significant other. I think it’s a great experience, and I really recommend it.”

Try one dish at a time or pack your table full of food.

It doesn’t matter as long as you’re tasting a little of everything.

Della Heiman: “We want people to have a sense of discovery and exploration. It’s a great option for happy hour and for groups, and it’s fun and great value for the price.”

Taste of the Yard is going down the next couple Thursday nights from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m., and then, it’ll return later this summer.


The Doral Yard
8455 NW 53rd St., Suite 106
Doral, FL 33166
Taste of the Yard tickets

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