Get a taste of the plant-life at the 954’s Vegan Fine Foods

These days people are into eating healthy … because apparently eating pizza for every meal isn’t good for you. Now there’s a spot that has planted itself in the healthy eats market, and we think this one is going to grow roots and stick around for a while.

Time to meet one of the 954’s newest residents.

Steven Smith, owner: “Vegan Fine Foods is an all-vegan, all plant-based market and cafe, located in Downtown For Lauderdale.”

Sure there are lots of health food stores and healthy restaurants in SoFlo — but the stuff here is all vegan.

So what does that mean?

Steven Smith: “As far as a vegan diet, it’s 100 percent plant-based. So no animal or animal by products. No meat, no dairy, no egg. Not even honey or things of that nature.”

On one side of vegan fine foods, they have a market.

From spices to cereal … there are aisles and aisles and aisles of things you’d find in a regular supermarket.

Sage Noonan, customer: “They have a good selection of vegan foods and healthy snacks.”

Here everything is vegan certified.

Steven Smith: “Wine is made from grapes, but not all wine is vegan because in the processing of the wine, eggs or egg whites are used to filter wine.”

There are even vegan cleaning products and other household things.

Steven Smith: “We are now highlighting an edible plate. It’s made from wheat. And you can eat from it like any other plate, and when you are done using it a few times, you can eat the plate because it’s edible.”

You can shop for stuff like nut-based cheeses and meat alternatives.

And — you can try foods made with it too.

Steven Smith: “Inika Cafe at Vegan Fine Foods is a full cafe.”

Try the empanadas, soups, wraps or bowls — all 100 percent vegan.

Steven Smith: “Our pastries and baked goods are vegan because we don’t use cow’s milk or eggs.”

And if you want to cool off…

Go for a smoothy, a frozen yogurt made with coconut milk, or an ice cold drink.

Steven Smith: “We have kombucha and cold brew coffee on tap.”

They say they’re strictly vegan — but they’re not strictly for vegans.

Steven Smith: “Probably about 80 percent of our customer-based is probably not vegan. We offer amazing food, tasty food that anyone would love.”


Vegan Fine Foods
330 SW 2nd St. Unit 102
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312
(954) 533-6412

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