Get a body like Beckham with SoccerShape workouts

One of the most popular sports in the world is soccer. And some of the most fit athletes in the world are soccer players. We can’t promise you’ll play like a professional soccer player, but Deco found a spot where you can workout like one.

You can call it soccer…

You can call it football….

Whatever you call it, thanks to David Beckham, a professional league is coming back to South Florida.

David Beckham: “Today you made my dream come true.”

Now you can get a chance to bend it, stretch it and if you’re lucky, get a body like Beckham — thanks to SoccerShape.

Mason Trafford, co-founder: “It is a fitness class that is inspired by soccer and the training that professional soccer players do day in and day out to get fit.”

SoccerShape was created by soccer pros.

Members of Miami FC took what they do on the field, and designed a workout for everyone off the field.

Mason Trafford: “We know the movements, we know the workouts, what better way to engage other people through fitness and this group dynamic than creating a soccer class.”

SoccerShape classes start at $10 and are in Dade and Broward.

So we headed to Urban Soccer Five in Miami to check out this fitness phenomenon.

Mason Trafford: “We’ve had U.S. national soccer team players do our class, and we’ve had people who have never touched a ball do our class. Everyone gets an awesome workout.”

The goal? Get in shape using soccer skills.

Mason Trafford: “There’s a lot cardio in soccer, lean muscle and that’s what we train in soccer shape. You’re not going to pack on the pounds here. This is if you want a total body workout.”

For 60 minutes, the skills and drills you do are just like the pros.

Mason Trafford: “A lot of our stuff is coordination, it’s footwork, it’s being able to use your body and be coordinated in your own body.”

This isn’t your typical workout — and that’s the way they like it.

Mason Trafford: “From a fitness standpoint, we try to do very dynamic, athletic movements. I know a lot of gym workouts are all north, south, forward, back movements. A lot of our stuff is sideways and body coordination.”

From squats and sprints to ladder exercises and hurdles — you will have a ball.

Mason Trafford: “We call it technical fitness. It’s fun, you don’t even realize you are getting an awesome workout.”

Keep your head in the game because you’re using that too.

Lauren Hinton, class attendee: “It’s a full body workout and it challenges you to get out of your comfort zone a little bit. It’s not like a trained class. It is something where you are moving all the time, so at the end you feel like you accomplished something.”

SoccerShape is fitness, it’s fun and it’s scoring a gooooooal in SoFlo.


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Urban Soccer Five
1125 NW 71st St.
Miami, FL 33150
(786) 253-2888

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