Chocolate. Alcohol. Art. What a trio! You can find them all at a brand new event in SoFlo, and while you snack on some confections, you’re gonna learn all about Halloween and horror.

Halloween for adults has arrived.

Isabel Garcia, Garcia Nevett Chocolatier: “Chocolate and alcohol? It’s a party, haha.”

The party’s going down at Garcia Nevett Chocolatier in South Miami.

Isabel Garcia: “This is the first in our art and chocolate series. It’s called Sweet Horror. It’s celebrating art, Halloween, and the pairings we’re doing with chocolate and different liquors.”

Think of it as a Halloween-themed “TED Talk” with dessert, and your presenter is an art historian.

Armando Droulers, art historian: “They’re going to learn about art. They’re going to learn about Halloween. They’re going to partake. Kandinsky, the Russian artist, he used to talk about that — the thought of uniting all the senses into one.”

The sensory overload includes iconic pieces of horror artwork, along with scary good pairings of chocolate and alcohol.

Take a look at this heady pairing! A white chocolate skull, filled with dark chocolate ganache, and Ruby Port wine — like a little vial of tasty blood.

Customer: “Let the two sort of intermingle together, and they just create different flavors in your mouth.”

Raul Stolk, customer: “This was perfectly balanced. You didn’t feel like it was too bitter. It was amazing, and with the Al Porto, it was great.”

There’s also an edible shot glass filled with Creme de Tequila and a dark chocolate ganache eyeball in rum.

Monica Mora, customer: “Very delicious actually! The first eyeball I’ve ever eaten, and it was really great — especially with the rum.”

Each of those pairings go with a specific piece of art that you’ll get a history lesson on.

Armando Droulers: “They would have you draw skeletons in class but never painting.”

So while Halloween is all about stuffing your face, now you can also learn something in the process.

Monica Mora: “Overall, a very cool thing to do. Something very different and unique to do, for sure.”

The Sweet Horror: tales of art and chocolate event is Wednesday night at 7 p.m.

For more info and tickets, click here.

Garcia Nevett Chocolatier de Miami
7312 Red Rd,
Miami, FL 33143

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