Game of Thrones gets fans to literally watch ice melt

(WSVN) - The wildly popular show Game of Thrones managed to get over a million fans to tune in to a Facebook live video that had them literally watching ice melt.

A promotional video earlier in the day urged fans to watch a live video on the social media site at 2 p.m., promising to reveal the start date of the show’s seventh season.

When fans tuned in, the video showed a block of ice with a thin black object inside. Instructions urged fans to type “fire” in the comments to help melt the ice.

For about 10 minutes, fans obliged, garnering the video over 1.6 million views. A flame icon on the screen would fill in as more people typed “fire” in the comments. Once the icon filled up, a flame would shoot at the ice, melting it slightly. But the video abruptly ended.

The show’s page started another live video, which hinted at technical issues by saying, “The fire in the real was overpowering but we’re back.” Except that video soon crashed as well.

A third video then appeared, this time urging fans to comment “Dracarys” to shoot two flames instead of one at the block of ice.

The third time was apparently the charm, because the video ultimately revealed the date as July 16.

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