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American Horse Trails in Davie is ready to get you all saddled up. With horseback riding lessons and long trail rides, you just may become the cowgirl or cowboy you’ve always wanted to be.

It’s the wildest ride in the tropical wilderness.

Alex Miranda: “I’m gonna yeehaw! I’m gonna mount up!”

If you consider Davie the wild west.

Pretty much, Kasey Musgraves, and I bet you would too at American Horse Trails.

Christina Scott (horsing around): “You come out. Your guides are trained. They teach you about these horses, how to ride.”

It’s a ranch offering one-hour horseback riding lessons and one and multi-hour private trail rides.

Christina Scott: “We’re just going to give them a gentle squeeze with both legs.”

Alex Miranda: “Oh, oh, oh, it worked!”

For all experience levels, so first things first: how to sit.

Christina Scott: “We slide up a little bit. We show our package to the world, and we sit on our pockets.”

Alex Miranda: “Repeat that.”

Uh, OK. Next, “whoa” means stop.

Alex Miranda: “Whoa! Whoa?”

You gotta own it when you say it, but don’t get carried away.

Alex Miranda: “For my days as a cowboy here in Davie!”

Turning is just like in a car.

Christina Scott: Bring it to the right.”

Alex Miranda: “Whoa!”

And once you pass the driving test…

Christina Scott: “It’s a walk path, bike path and horse path, but it is paved.”

But you can pick up some speed during the two-hour adventures.

Christina Scott: “A trot is kind of like the way we jog, only the horses do it.”

Alex Miranda: “Ay, ay, ay, ay, ay, ay, ay!”

Christina Scott: “And a cantor is like a run.”

Christina has been horseback riding since before she could walk.

Christina Scott: “My grandpa used to always tell me I have horse blood in my veins.”

And says a tranquil day on the ranch could be just what we all need right now.

Christina Scott: “They can make any bad day into a good day.”

Like Mike, who’s riding Red and on vacation here from the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Mike Heyliger (saddle up): “It’s a real stress reliever. Just you and the horse. Just bonding with the animal.”

One-hour rides and lessons are $59.

Two-hour rides are $118.

Alex Miranda: “And it turns out, the equestrian life isn’t always so glamorous.”

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