If you saw “A Star Is Born” this weekend, you know how good Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s performances are. If you didn’t get around to it yet, what are you waiting for? Go already — but not before Chris Van Vliet brings us this star-making story.

So this is the fourth time “A Star Is Born” has been made, but this version still has something new to offer. Plus, ya know, it has Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. We harmonized with the cast up in Toronto.

Bradley Cooper (as Jackson Maine): “Can I tell you a secret? I think you might be a songwriter.”

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper are making beautiful music together in “A Star Is Born.”

Gaga plays a singer named Ally, who doubts she can cut it in the music world. That is, until she meets big-time musician Jackson Maine, played by Bradley Cooper.

Lady Gaga: “She really doesn’t believe in herself, and she’s completely given up. She’s jaded and devastated by the industry. It’s Jackson’s love for her that brings her back to life.”

As Jackson and Ally get closer — both professionally and personally — Ally’s career starts to take off.

Bradley Cooper (as Jackson Maine): “Look at me. All you gotta do is trust me. That’s all you gotta do.”

Lady Gaga: “People believing in you — that message and this movie is so special. It’s a testament to him as a director.”

The “him” she’s talking about is that handsome gentleman sitting next to her. Yeah, that’s right: This is the first movie Bradley has ever directed.

Bradley Cooper: “It was the most rewarding experience, artistically, that I’ve ever had. It was the first time I truly felt I was in a place of complete joy as an artist. And I hope I get to keep doing it again and again.”

Lady Gaga: “Me too.”

Bradley Cooper: “Good.”

How nice of a moment was that between the two of them? We also wanted to know what Bradley learned about himself from sitting in the director’s chair.

Bradley Cooper: “If you have an idea and you work hard enough, you can see it through. That was very fulfilling, very fulfilling to have that movie in my head, then be able to show you that movie.”

And we’re glad he did. Oh, and this goes without saying, but prepare yourself for some serious feels anytime Gaga and Bradley sing.

Lady Gaga: “The music is really a character in this film. It drives their love story, and it also challenges them.”

The movie is in theaters now, and we gotta mention that amazing dress Gaga had on for the interview. Wow! (I have one in red.)

Fun fact: Before our interview, she walked by us in the hallway and two people were helping carry the dress like she was a bride, so it didn’t get tangled.

See? Celebrities are like real people!

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