Gabrielle Union on Ocean Drive’s May cover

Deco fave Gabrielle Union is on next month’s cover of Ocean Drive… it’s her second spread for the mag and she’s dishing about her marriage to Miami Heat star DWade. But today, she’s talking to Deco about her glamorous photo shoot.   

Hollywood hottie Gabrielle Union is inviting you to her high fashion shoot in L.A. 

Gabrielle Union: "Hey, this is Gabrielle Union and you are here at the Ocean Drive cover shoot.

Gabrielle Union: "I thought it went really, really well. We got a lot of great shots, a lot of great looks and I had a good time. Usually if I had fun, that’s a good sign the photos are gonna look amazing."

And like her fashionista hubby — Dwyane Wade — Gabrielle loves haute couture…

Gabrielle Union: "This Marc Jacob’s look was a favorite. I felt like very American. Marc Jacobs is a designer I love so it was my favorite."

And the not so plain "Being Mary Jane" star told Deco all about her upcoming projects.

Gabrielle Union: "Coming up, we’ve got ‘Sleepless Nights’ with Jamie Foxx in October, we’ve got the season 4 of being Mary Jane in October, we’ve got ‘Birth of a Nation’ in October."

And she’s got "Almost Christmas" coming out this fall.
And from her hilarious turn in the trailer — it looks like Gabby’s got game when it comes to comedy…

The movie’s out in November — in the meantime you can catch up with her in the May/June issue of Ocean Drive.