Gabrielle Union, Mo’Nique give the gift of comedy in ‘Almost Christmas’

Ah, the holidays. A time for families to gather together — and remember why they spend so much time apart. Mo’Nique and Gabrielle Union are giving the gift of comedy, starring in the new film “Almost Christmas.”

“Almost Christmas” tells the story of a family reuniting for the holidays. Of course, some of them need a little help getting in the Christmas spirit.

Danny Glover (as Walter): “This is our first Christmas without your mother. Just five days to act like a family.”

Danny Glover says, between the laughs, there’s a real message.

Danny Glover: “There’s instructive parts of this movie that sometimes you miss with all the laughter. Finding your son who makes an ethical choice, I love that!”

Gabrielle Union plays Rachel, home for the holidays after a nasty divorce.

Omar Epps (as Malachi): “Let me grab those bags.”

Gabrielle Union (as Rachel): “I got it.”

Gabrielle Union: “This is her first time coming home, not only since mother has passed away, but since she’s gotten a divorce. And as someone who’s been in that position, the next time you’re around your family, you’re just waiting for somebody to say something slick.”

Mo’Nique (as Aunt May): “To wash it all down, some milk tea with boiled tapioca balls.”

Mo’Nique plays Aunt May, who always tells it like it is.

Mo’Nique (as Aunt May): “I’mma gonna stab your ass with this fork. Do you hear me?”

Mo’Nique: “Aunt May is real. Aunt May is you, Aunt May is me, Aunt May is Mr. Glover. Aunt May is that person that says, ‘I’m thinking it and I’m gonna say it!'”

The Oscar-winning actress says she learned a lot working with Glover, like how to relax between takes.

Mo’Nique: “What he taught us was how to take a nap.”

Danny Glover: “Hahahaha.”

Mo’Nique: “Mr. Glover taught us, ‘End cut’ [pretends to sleep] and ‘Action’ [awake], so we were learning so much.”

If you’re looking for a few laughs around the holidays, Christmas may have come a little early!

“Almost Christmas” is now showing in theaters.

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