Gabrielle Union kicks butt as super mom in ‘Breaking In’

It’s Mother’s Day, and Gabrielle Union’s new movie celebrates all the tough moms out there! In the film, the actress is battling bad guys trying to kill her kids and steal a fortune, and while her movie is an extreme — she says it’s an ode to maternal mayhem.

Miami-fave Gabrielle Union is putting all her talents on display this weekend. She produced and stars in the new suspense-thriller “Breaking In.” The movie’s a tribute to mom, just in time for Mother’s Day.

Gabrielle Union: “I love that it’s, you know, a mom who is generally underestimated in life — as a lot of women are: underestimated — and, the bad guys really thought they are really going to get away with it, because they kept saying that ‘She’s just a woman. She’s just a mom.’ Honey, listen, that’s the stupidest thing you can do is to mess with a woman’s kids.”

Gabby plays a fierce mom taken by surprise when robbers show up looking for valuable contraband hidden by her father. But determination overcomes fear when mama’s kids are being held hostage. Who needs “The Avengers” — when you got mom?

Gabrielle Union: “All of us are superheroes in our own life and do heroic things daily — whether that’s advocating for ourselves, or advocating for the people that we love. All of that’s heroic because little by little, we’re, sort of, affecting and changing and shaping lives, but we don’t really call ourselves heroes and, much less, superheroes.”

Speaking of her heroics — Gabrielle says she’s “Avenger-ready!”

Gabrielle Union: “When they are ready for a 45-year-old woman with a little lower back pain and a wonky hip, listen, I’m ready. I’m already in Wakanda. I’m just in a timeshare and they can come get me. I’m ready.”

“Breaking In” is in theaters now.

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