Full moon yoga class at Shooters Waterfront

The full moon hangs high in the SoFlo sky. A gentle breeze comes in off the Intracoastal Waterway. Now you’re in the mood for a very special evening. We’re talking about yoga, silly. One of the 954’s most popular destinations is laying down mats and giving you the chance to strike a pose under the stars.

Shooters Waterfront in Fort Lauderdale wants you to stretch out in the glow of the orb that lights up the night.

Taryn Allen, instructor: “Tonight we’re celebrating the full moon yoga, so a bunch of people are coming here, and we’re gonna practice yoga and soak up all the energy from the moon.”

There’s more going on here than praising our planet’s night light.

Taryn Allen: “A lot of the times on the full moon, people will be very emotional, so tonight we’re coming together to clear those emotions so that we can work through it.”

A trio of live drummers will lay down a rhythm to get you in the mood.

Once everyone’s in place and ready to go, the session begins.

Taryn Allen: “I’ll start with a meditation in class, and then I’ll do like a 50-minute yoga class, hatha yoga, which is more movement of the body, like forceful yoga.”

The start of the one-hour class does indeed begin before the full moon shows its face.

The act of stretching and posing in the great wide open will put an entirely new spin on your yoga regimen.

Taryn Allen: “Outdoors I feel like you’re more connected with the universe, and you have the energy, and you have the grass, and you have the water, which is so beneficial.”

Shooters just may be the perfect place to gather for moonlight yoga.

It has everything you need for a successful event.

Taryn Allen: “There’s no prime real estate like here.”

The place does offer one more important perk.

Taryn Allen: “And you can drink after!”

The class finishes up with a final meditation to bring everything full circle.

Once you try it, you’re bound to be back.

Blerta Papi: “Today was my first day with her, and she’s absolutely incredible, and the energy’s amazing.”

The next full moon yoga goes down at Shooters this Monday.


Full moon yoga at Shooters Waterfront
3033 NE 32nd Ave.
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308
(954) 566-2855

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