The stars are building up the buzz for “Frozen II,” set to hit theaters in two weeks, but some lucky viewers got a sneak peek at Thursday night’s red carpet premiere in Hollywood. The cast was out in full force to celebrate, too, along with some other special guests.

Fans were out in full force for the premiere of “Frozen II” in Hollywood.

Inside the Dolby Theatre, Anna and Elsa took center stage alongside the rest of the cast.

Announcer: “Ladies and gentlemen, the team behind Walt Disney Animation Studios’ ‘Frozen II.”

Big brownie points for Selena Gomez. The singer walked the red carpet with her little sister.

On Instagram, Selena posted, “Hope I’m officially the best big sissy ever now. She was living her best life. Frozen 2 was amazing.”

A lot of fans dressed up in costume. In the meantime, key members of the cast are glad to be back.

Kristen Bell (as Anna, voice of): “I’m going with you.”

Idina Menzel (as Elsa, voice of): “Anna, no.”

Kristen Bell (as Anna, voice of): “Excuse me, I climbed the North Mountain, survived a frozen heart and saved you from my ex-boyfriend. So, you know. I’m coming.”

Idina Menzel: “It’s just been one of the greatest gifts in my career, for me. It’s just brought me so much joy and love.”

Kristen Bell: “The first one was so important to people. My heart’s beating so fast hoping that in two and a half hours everyone will feel that the second was just as important.”

The new movie also has new characters — including one played by “This Is Us” star Sterling K. Brown.

Josh Gad (as Olaf, voice of): “Where are we?”

Sterling K. Brown (as Mattias, voice of): “How did you get in the forest?”

Idina Menzel (as Elsa, voice of): “The mist parted for us.”

Martha Plimpton (as Yelana, voice of): “Impossible.”

Sterling K. Brown (as Mattias, voice of): “Where did you learn magic?”

Sterling K. Brown: “I go see animated movies by myself all the time. Then I had children, and I had an excuse.”

And we can’t forget about Christoph and Olaf.

Idina Menzel (as Elsa, voice of): “Head for the cliffs.”

Josh Gad (as Olaf, voice of): “I’m gonna blow.”

Jonathan Groff (as Kristoff, voice of): “I got you.”

Jonathan Groff: “The writers and the directors and the animators really grew with its audience and made this movie so complex and so mature.”

Josh Gad: “It’s incredible. It’s so different than it was six years ago when no one knew what ‘Frozen’ was.”

Josh Gad (as Olaf, voice of): “Is the whole putting us in mortal danger going to be a regular thing?”

“Frozen II” snows its way into theaters Nov. 22.

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