French clothing brand Jitrois brings stretch leather, suede to SoFlo

(WSVN) - Shireen always wonder how she can get my hands on the glamourous, sexy wardrobe celebs wear. Well now we all can. That’s because a French designer to the stars has landed at one of South Florida’s most upscale malls.

Rihanna, Demi Lovato a nd Mary J. Blige have proven that they’re Jitrois women on stage.

Lewaa Khalek, Jitrois: “The Jitrois woman is a sophisticated woman. It’s a woman who is looking for something new, something exclusive.”

The French brand is known for its stretch leather and suede that…

Lewaa Khalek: “Fits like a second skin. When a woman puts a Jitrois dress on, it looks like somebody painted leather on her. It hugs the body, it goes down through the waist.”

So it’s no wonder the clothes have been seen on everyone from the Kardashians to Gigi Hadid and Cindy Crawford.

Lewaa Khalek: “Jitrois is a lifestyle brand. It’s not only an occasional brand. It’s for everybody.”

Heidi Klum and Jennifer Lopez can’t seem to get enough. They’ve sported the line multiple times.

And Lady Gaga let Jitrois’ fringes do the talking during her Cheek to Cheek tour.

Lewaa Khalek: “If you look at these celebrities, none of them are wearing the same dress because each one of them has different taste, as you mentioned, has a different body shape, and that proves the Jitrois has something for everybody.”

But the stars aren’t the only people who have fallen for the line.

Lewaa Khalek: “Our Jitrois client is a woman who wants to look chic. She wants to look elegant and she wants to look sexy at the same time. Throughout the years we’ve met a lot of amazing ladies from Miami.”

So the designers decided to call the 305 home. They’ve set up their third U.S. shop inside the J.W. Cooper store at Bal Harbour Shops.

Lewaa Khalek: “We thought Miami would be an amazing next step for us.”

But before you get all excited — the line isn’t cheap, with clothes ranging from $1,900 to upwards of $8,000…

Lewaa Khalek: “The majority of the collection that we have is between maybe 2,200 and 3,400.”

Which means it’s more than likely to break some of our bank accounts. But hey, who doesn’t want to look and feel like a million bucks?


Jitrois at the J.W. Cooper store at Bal Harbour Shops
9700 Collins Ave.
Bal Harbour, FL 33154

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