Freedom vs. security: ‘Snowden’ stars speak out

When we sign up for an app or get the new iOS update, we have to agree to a long, small-fonted legal agreement. And let’s face it, most of us just click “agree” and move on. But after making a movie about government surveillance, the stars of “Snowden” tell Deco they’re having second thoughts about their personal privacy in cyberspace.

Nicolas Cage (as Hank Forrester): “Find the terrorist in the internet haystack.”

How do you do that? Simple: watch everybody every minute of every day.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt (as Edward Snowden): “How is this all possible?”

Ben Schnetzer (as Gabriel Sol): “Think of it as a Google search, but instead of searching what they make public, we’re also looking at everything they don’t.”

“Snowden” isn’t some wild conspiracy theory. It’s the true story of a computer genius who learns his talents are being used to track terrorists and keep tabs on all Americans back here at home.

And Edward Snowden makes it his mission to tell the world.

Zachary Quinto (as Glenn Greenwald): “The government knows that we have these documents now.”

Maybe the most shocking part: It isn’t that hard to spy on the world.

Scott Eastwood plays an NSA guy helping Big Brother watch us. He got a first-hand demonstration of how simple it is.

Scott Eastwood: “An ex-NSA hacker guy showed us how easy to hack into our computer. In five minutes, into our bank accounts, passwords, everything.”

Five minutes?! I mean, come on! It takes me longer than that to even remember my password, and it’s 1-2-3-4… Oh, wait. I’ve said too much.

Rhys Ifans (as Corbin O’Brian): “Most Americans don’t want freedom. They want security.”

Joseph Gordon-Levitt (as Edward Snowden): “Except people don’t even know they’ve made that bargain.”

Joseph Gordon-Levitt: “Every technology can be used for good or can be used for bad.”

Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays Snowden, and he said starring in this movie makes him think twice about living life online.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt: “It’s the first time in history that everyone is carrying around computers that are connected to each other, and it’s a wonderful thing in many ways that we have so much information at our fingertips.”

Shailene Woodley (as Lindsay Mills): “I’m not lashing out, I’m questioning our government.”

Shailene Woodley isn’t naive, and knows that privacy is a thing of the past.

Shailene Woodley: “I think I’ve always been that kind of person who is pretty self-aware to know and recognize that nothing is actually really private.”

Joseph Gordon-Levitt: “I feel like I’m made to do this, and if I don’t do it then I don’t know anybody else that can.”

“Snowden” hacks into theaters Friday, Sept. 16.

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