Free films all summer long at American Airlines Arena

Going to the movies can be a little pricey these days. You’ve got the popcorn, the drinks and the ticket, of course, but thanks to the Miami Heat, you can enjoy a red-hot film for free!

There’s plenty of excitement at the American Airlines Arena, but this summer, the action isn’t just on the hardwood.

It’s movie night in Miami.

Even Representative: “What we try to do every summer is really kind of get people to come down to the arena because we’re more than just Heat games and concerts.”

The Heat is offering free films, and you’re invited.

Event Representative: “With Summer Movie Nights at American Airlines Arena we invite families and kids to come down, watch really a first-run movie in really a cool setting here at the Xfinity East Plaza.”

In case you haven’t seen it, the Heat have a pretty cool backyard.

Event Representative: “If you’ve been to Heat games and concerts you might never have been out back, so this is the Xfinity East Plaza. It’s a covered area, it’s got a 16-foot screen, great seating.”

And it’s not just movies — fans are treated to music, live shows from the Heat dancers and plenty of food and drinks.

Event Representative: “You can get family-friendly fare if you want popcorn and soft drinks and pizza. Plus, we have adult beverages.”

A recent screening of Disney’s “Moana” was a slam dunk.

Movie-goer 1: “It’s nice to have something to do with your family out here, and it’s great. We’re having the time of our lives.”

Movie-goer 2: “It’s something different, something to get out and change from normal, and it’s awesome that you can just come to a kid-friendly movie.”

And when it comes to Hollywood blockbusters, they’re just getting started.

Event Representative: “Next Friday, July 14, we’ve got ‘Beauty and the Beast,’ again another costume contest opportunity, and then wrapping up the summer movie night schedule Friday, August 11, we’ve got the latest ‘Star Wars’ movie.”

So if you feel like skipping the multiplex, summer is heating up at the arena.

Event Representative: “It’s not your average multiplex show. It’s a little bit more fun. It’s a little bit more interactive.”

Although the event is free, guests must pre-register here . Free parking will be available on a first-come, first-served basis in the P2 parking garage located on the south side of the arena.

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