Fox’s reality series ‘Labor of Love’ features 2 Miami ‘dad-chelors’

You’ve heard of dating shows, but what about a mating show? In “Labor of Love,” it’s all about the baby, and that’s why picking a da-da is totally worth watching.

Kristin Davis: “She seems to have it all, except one thing: a partner to start a family. For Kristy, the labor is mandatory. The love is optional.”

It’s a reality show like you’ve never seen before. Fox is turning the dating game into the mating game in a brand-new series called “Labor of Love.”

Kristy: “I want to fall in love with the man that I can see as the future father of my children.”

Kristy is ready to be a mom, and she’s looking for a baby daddy.

But unlike other shows, there’s nothing average about these 15 “dad-chelors.”

Angelo Castricone Jr.: “My name is Angelo. I grew up in a tough neighborhood. From Miami, firefighter.”

Tali Raphaely: “I’m Tali. I’m 46. I’m old enough now to know youth is wasted on the young.”

Two of these eligible hunks, Angelo and Tali, are from right here in the 305, and they were both pumped to be on the show.

Tali Raphaely: “I said to myself, ‘This has got to be part of my journey. For good or for bad, this is something, I guess, I just gotta do.'”

Angelo Castricone Jr.: “For me, it was a great opportunity to find true love and find a woman I can have kids with and start a family.”

Kristy: “Hey, guys! Welcome home!”

Stewart: “Hey, it’s the girl next door.”

These guys say they’re ready to be dads, so we asked about the best advice they’ve received from a father figure that they hope to pass down to their kids one day.

Tali Raphaely: “Enjoy every moment. It passes by very quickly. Before you know it, your kids are off to school, and you don’t see them as much, and you’re going to regret the fact that you didn’t spend more time with them.”

Angelo Castricone Jr.: “Always be yourself. Don’t change for anybody and just stay true to yourself, and be a family man. Love your family, and love the people who love you.”

The show puts the guys through a lot of challenges to test their dad skills.

Host Kristin Davis says they had a blast coming up with the tests.

Kristin Davis: “We had a lot of fun as producers trying to come up with these challenges, and there are so many good ones. There’s one that involves a bear. I really liked that one.”

There’s also one that involves labor pains, and Tali tells us it left an impact on him.

Tali Raphaely: “I had no idea just how bad it was, how painful it can be, and how tough of a process it is. So for all you moms out there, wow, God bless you guys. You guys are amazing.”

Don’t miss the premiere of “Labor of Love” tonight at 9 p.m., right here on 7 — followed by “Who Wants an Epidural?”

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