Here’s some food for thought, I’m hungry. Sorry, Lynn. The only snack I’ve got on hand is a heaping portion of Fox’s ‘Masterchef.’

The show is celebrating a major milestone this week, and that is a call for a celebration.

Let them eat cake because it’s a celebration.

The 250th episode of “Masterchef” is all about repli-caking.

Chef Aaron Sanchez: “This particular challenge, I think, really goes to the core of people’s fears of baking and replicating cakes. And I just love that because it’s just, it’s so insightful and it brings out the best or the worst.”

And just because the show has hit a milestone, don’t expect the judges to take it easy on the contestants.

Chef Aaron Sanchez: “We get a lot more critical as we go on, because the idea is that, you know, you’re getting, you’re getting the experience, you’re getting our critiques, you’re getting Masterchef classes, you know, hoping you progress.”

Chef Aaron Sanchez also shares why “Masterchef” stands out as a culinary competition show.

Chef Aaron Sanchez: “I think the biggest differentiator is that we nurture. You’re with us for six weeks, so you’re going to walk away with valuable techniques, valuable lessons, and also confidence. You go chase your culinary dreams, regardless if you win.”

You can catch a new episode of “Masterchef’ Wednesday at 8 p.m., right after Deco.

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