If you’re looking for something to watch on TV this week, don’t change the channel. This week’s prime-time lineup on Fox is a-maze-ing. Don’t believe us? Check this out.

Jessica Alba (as Nancy McKenna): “Practice makes perfect.”

Monday, on “L.A.’s Finest” Jessica Alba’s husband learns about her past while she, Syd and her team tail a group of diamond thieves.

Then, it’s Antonio’s big night on “Filthy Rich.” Reverend Paul is now blackmailing Jason, and Becky surprises Eric with a divorce.

Tuesday starts with a nature-inspired “Cosmos: Possible Worlds” and first-contact story between humans and beings who communicate with a symbolic language.

Police officer on “Next”: “Sir, let’s see your hands!”

That’s followed by the AI thriller “Next,” with the team racing to decrypt an important hard drive while “neXt” tries to stop them.

(Also, at 7:30, there’s “Deco Drive,” the No. 1 entertainment show, with Lynn Martinez, Shireen Sandoval and Alex Miranda. I think I should give them a try.)

Wednesday, it’s the Group B finals on “The Masked Singer.” Two singers will advance to the Super 6, while two will be unmasked.

Then, it’s “I Can See Your Voice,” with celebs and contestants guessing who can sing, without hearing them sing, for $100,000.

Friday night, there’s more squaring off in the ring on “WWE’s Friday Night SmackDown.”


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