FOX Friday lineup delivers big laughs, legal drama

Two comedies and a life-and-death drama. The stars of FOX Friday’s hit lineup are giving us a sneak peek of this week’s mega shows!

Nancy Travis (as Vanessa Baxter): “Do not interfere. This is not one of those situations where you get to…”

Tim Allen (as Mike Baxter): “Play the piano.”

Oh, come on, interfere! That’s always more fun.

Bill Engvall (as Rev. Paul): “You have some time, Mike?”

Tim Allen (as Mike Baxter): “Only the man upstairs knows if I got more time.”

On Friday, Tim Allen and Nancy Travis welcomed guest star Bill Engvall to the show playing Rev. Paul.

Tim and Nancy say this series about an opinionated family and their stubborn father is cutting-edge network TV.

Tim Allen: “This here show is fresh produce. It was done two weeks ago, and we can’t talk about certain things. This is network television.”

Nancy Travis: “The quality of this show, for the form that it is, is the top that it can be, and I think, maybe in terms of edgier, that the bar has been raised, and people have to bring their best game.”

Vicki Lawrence (as Margaret): “Isn’t this what we wanted our retirement to look like?”

Ready for a spring fling? The Cool Kids are.

The gang is stepping up their game at the Shady Meadows Retirement Home, as love is in the air when Margaret pursues a new beau.

Kelsey Grammer (as Gore Bellows): “I know when someone’s guilty.”

Rachelle Lefevre (as Madeline Scott): Do you?”

And Kelsey Grammer is laying down the law in freshman drama “Proven Innocent.” This week, the show tackles a case of a girl convicted for the murder of her mother.

Rachelle Lefevre (as Madeline Scott): “No one wanted to take her case, just like no one wanted to take mine.”

Kelsey Grammer: “Corruption breeds corruption, and honestly … I believe that the death penalty is right, and yet there’s the part of me that also says, if you execute one innocent guy, then you can’t do it, so you’ve got to be really careful about these things.”

: “Is that an admission of guilt?”

The big night starts Friday after deco with “Last Man Standing,” followed by “The Cool Kids” and “Proven Innocent.”

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