Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Edition is out now. Flip through the pages and you’ll see a model who calls South Florida home.

She’s got the look, and she’s also opening doors for other women along the way.

Saje Nicole’s modeling career is hot! She’s suited up for success!

Saje Nicole, model: “I am currently a Sports Illustrated model. It’s very surreal. Imagine this magazine you have been looking at since you were a child, and now you are a part of it.”

She’s beautiful, brilliant, and from right here in SoFlo!

Deco headed to the historic Hampton House to sit down with this local looker.

Saje Nicole, model: “I was raised in Fort Lauderdale. It was beautiful, it was so fun. There was tons of music, tons of culture. It shaped my childhood because we were always outside.”

This hometown girl’s roots are Haitian, and she’s leading the way for other Caribbean beauties!

Saje Nicole, model: “I am the first Haitian model with Sports Illustrated. To be the first Haitian Sports Illustrated model is a win because there is so much going on in our country right now that we just need something to hold on to.”

Representation matters. Saje is moving the industry to feature women of all shapes and sizes.

Saje Nicole, model: “In the fashion industry, there were standard sizes from zero to 4 and anything after that was considered plus size. So, with me being like size 8 to 10, I would be considered plus size and those are some of the things we are working to change.”

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition isn’t all. She’s a video vixen too!

Saje Nicole, model: “The music video I am most recognized by is ‘Chi Chi’ with Chris Brown and Trey Songz. That was so much fun because I was filming it with friends. A lot of the girls on set, we have known each other from different projects.”

So what’s next?

Saje Nicole, model: “The Blueprint is my very first product I am going to be launching. It is an online fitness program.”

Saje’s all about fun, fitness and motivation!

Saje Nicole, model: “My message would be to dream big. Live boldly so at the end of your days you’re like, ‘Wow, I really, really did that.'”

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