Former SNL cast member Ana Gasteyer talks ‘Masked Singer’ after being voted off

Shireen can’t deal with season three yet. She’s still too engrossed in season two. Last night, Christmas was cancelled when the Tree was booted from the show. Today, Ana Gasteyer told Deco about life on “The Masked Singer” and “Sugar & Booze.”

Live from “The Masked Singer” stage!

Former Saturday Night Live cast member Ana Gasteyer unveiled as the surprise musical sensation belting out the classics under the tree.

Ana Gasteyer: “It’s an insane experience. I don’t think there’s any other way to describe it. It’s completely disembodied, as you can imagine.”

The 52-year-old comedian dished about performing on the hit show.

Ana Gasteyer: “For me, it was this great opportunity because I have two lives. I have a life as a singer, I have a life as a comedian, and I’m kind of known with different fan bases for the different things.”

And where she drew her Christmas inspiration…

Ana Gasteyer: “I have this Christmas album ‘Sugar & Booze’ that’s just out, so I thought what fun — I’ll go as a Christmas tree, a ridiculous mobile party unit of a Christmas tree. Booze surprisingly rhymes with an amazing number of things.”

She’s not wrong. Gasteyer left judges confused all season.

Jenny McCarthy: “Is it Molly Shannon? Is it Cheri Oteri?”

Robin Thicke: “Rachael Ray.”

Nicole Scherzinger: “Lisa Kudrow.”

Ken Jeong: “Great job, Zooey Deschanel. I guessed it. I’m probably right. You’re welcome. End of show, drop the mic.”

Except one…

Jenny McCarthy: “I just kept getting comedy week after week, you know, like a comedic actress. All right, all right, fine, fine. I’m gonna go with Ana Gasteyer from SNL.”

Jenny McCarthy was the only one to unwrap the mystery, which to Gasteyer was no surprise.

Ana Gasteyer: “That Jenny is on it. She doesn’t fool around. She’s definitely, um, she’s the one who’s doing the homework. You can see, you can see the focus.”

Sadly, the beloved character was sent home just one episode ahead of the semi-finals, but Gasteyer has no worries. She’s going to be snoozing and boozing all season long.

Ana Gasteyer: “Must be my creative season, so to speak, so yeah, it’s funny. It seems to be the time of year that I lean into the most.”

The semi-finals are almost here! The field gets cut down to three on tonight’s episode, right after Deco.

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