Forgetful blue tang journeys home in ‘Finding Dory’

Little Dory may have memory issues, but she’s working on ’em. Now, 13 years after “Finding Nemo,” the stars are sharing their memories from the set … from what they can remember. Here’s a look.

Ellen DeGeneres (as Dory): “We were looking for something…”

Albert Brooks (as Marlin): “Nemo.”

Ellen DeGeneres (as Dory): “Right! I remember it like it was yesterday.”

Our favorite character from Disney’s animated film “Finding Nemo” is getting her own movie.

Ellen DeGeneres: “Dory was such a big part of ‘Finding Nemo’ that you do wanna see how does it work out with her.”

In “Finding Dory,” the forgetful fish suddenly remembers something important.

Ellen DeGeneres (as Dory): “I actually remembered something!”

Albert Brooks (as Marlin): “What?”

Ellen DeGeneres (as Dory): “I remembered my family!”

Thus begins an exciting journey to find Dory’s real home.

Ellen DeGeneres (as Dory): “They’re out there somewhere. I have to find them.”

Ellen DeGeneres, who voices Dory, is excited to reprise her role, especially because she loves her little blue fish.

Ellen DeGeneres: “There’s not one speck of judgment in her or meanness or anything, and I think that’s what people love so much about this character, this fish, is because she’s just happy.”

Maybe that’s why Dory makes so many friends.

Ellen DeGeneres: “She meets all these new friends along the way, which is really fun. I mean, we have a great cast.”

Some of Dory’s buddies include a neurotic beluga whale voiced by Ty Burrell, and a mean octopus brought to life by Ty’s “Modern Family” co-star, Ed O’Neill.

Ed O’Neill: “I play this disgruntled octopus named Hank. He slowly is drawn into Dory’s friendship. Through a lot of adventure and danger, they bond.”

But not everyone is down for an adventure. Actor Albert Brooks voices Marlin, Nemo’s father.

Albert Brooks: “Marlin doesn’t want her to do anything. Marlin doesn’t wanna go swim again. He’s a homebody; he doesn’t wanna go chase people or fish. He certainly doesn’t want his son thinking it’s a good idea.”

Maybe Marlin just doesn’t trust Dory’s instincts.

Ellen DeGeneres (as Dory): “I remembered something important!”

Albert Brooks (as Marlin): “What?”

Ellen DeGeneres (as Dory): “Something about a clam or oyster, mollusk, something?

Albert Brooks (as Marlin): “No.”

Of course, no matter what, Marlin, Nemo, and the rest of the underwater crew join Dory on her epic search.

Albert Brooks: “Marlin helps. There’s a lot of new characters that help her, but you know, Marlin’s there.”

“Finding Dory” is now out in theaters.

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