Forget eggnog! Jamaica’s Christmas drink at Swirl Wine Bistro ups the holiday ante

‘Tis the season for friends and family to eat, drink and be merry. But when it comes to the drinking part, eggnog is just the beginning. We want to expand your cocktail craft, so Deco’s taking a trip around the world and trying out some tasty holiday drinks. First stop? Jamaica!

You can’t really dash through the snow in a one-horse open sleigh in Jamaica, but that doesn’t stop the island nation from celebrating the holidays in style.

Sorrel is a tart and tangy punch. It’s perfect for getting into the Caribbean spirit.

Judith Abel, chef at Swirl Wine Bistro: “Sorrel is a traditional drink from Jamaica. I grew up with my mom making it every Christmas. It’s made from the sorrel plant, it’s a flower.”

Deco hit Swirl Wine Bistro in Coconut Creek and got a taste of the islands.

The recipe starts with boiling dried hibiscus leaves.

Judith Abel: “We’ll add a ‘lil bit of ginger, we’ll add our cinnamon, we’ll just bring this to a boil.”

After steeping overnight, the sorrel is ready for happy hour.

And that means rum … lots and lots of rum.

Judith Abel: “We’ll just add the rum. Depends on how happy you wanna be, add as much rum as you want. Then we add the sorrel.”

Judith Abel: “We’ll garnish it with some flowers. Let’s keep it real festive. And here you have it, traditional Jamaican sorrel.”

Customer 1: “This is the real deal. It’s fresh sorrel. I can tell it’s not like what you buy in the store.”

Customer 2: “This is my first time experiencing this drink. I love it. I’ll be coming back!”

Christmas Jamaican style sounds very merry indeed.

Judith Abel: “You’re getting the sweetness, the acidity and aromatics from the the the spices.”


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