Fontainebleau showing films filmed on site

(WSVN) - Going to the movies doesn’t have to break the bank, in fact there’s a place where you can watch in style — and it’s totally free. Deco’s checking out a movie night where film history comes alive on the big screen.

The Fontainebleau Hotel is one of the hottest destinations on Miami Beach, for tourists — and Hollywood producers.

“The Bodyguard,” starring Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner, was shot here.

Al Pacino (as Tony Montana): “When you get the power, then you get the woman.”

And who could forget Al Pacino and Steven Bauer hitting the pool in “Scarface.”

Josh Herman, Fontainebleau Hotel: “Entertainment is in our DNA. Since 1954, Fontainebleau has been a place for musicians, Hollywood, anybody who’s anybody. We’ve filmed almost 20 different movies here.”

Now the landmark hotel is hosting a movie night — featuring films shot on the property.

Josh Herman: “We’ve got movies here four nights a week; two nights a week above our pool we do family movies for kids and two nights we do Fontainebleau classics. We rotate them all summer long.”

You can watch classics like Frank Sinatra’s “Tony Rome.”

Jill St. John (as Ann Archer): “Don’t you ever sleep in a bed?”

And “Bond” fans can hang out at the same spot where 007 spied on the notorious Goldfinger.

How cool is that?

Josh Herman: “It’s one of the most famous scenes shot here, Sean Connery in ‘Goldfinger,’ because there’s a great scene where he’s walking by the cabana.”

Movie-goer: “It’s such a fun thing to be able to see such an iconic movie in an iconic hotel like the Fontainebleau.”

Guests can lounge by the pool, or in the pool. And the refreshments are better than any snack bar. How about an adult rootbeer float?

Josh Herman: “We did cotton candy. We did popcorn and we have our pizza and burgers by Michael Mina right next door.”

Movie-goer: “I think it’s very relaxing. We got served popcorn. The aesthetics are great, the sunset is just setting.”

And if you want to live large — like Bradley Cooper in “War Dogs” — you’ll have to pay for the penthouse suite, but seeing movies by the pool is completely free.

Josh Herman: “Where else in the world can you watch an outdoor movie while you’re in the pool, and in the case of tonight where we’re showing ‘The Bodyguard.’ where else can you watch it where it was actually filmed, right behind you?”

Fontainebleau Miami Beach
441 Collins Ave.
Miami Beach, FL 33140

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