A massage sounds really relaxing right about now but also not exactly socially distant. We found a solution, though. A massage without being touched by anyone. Deco’s Alex Miranda is live with this truly feel good story.

Now, it is totally socially distant here at Body Roll Studio on South Beach.

Everything is sanitized. You have to wear a mask while you’re here, but you’re also separated by these curtains, so you can enjoy your peace and tranquility all alone.

This year couldn’t be more stressful, so doesn’t this sound good?

Elmer Hickman, trainer: “It’s a nice big massager, and it feels amazing.”

And Body Roll Studio on South Beach could just roll all of your tension away.

Piret Awa, Body Roll Studio: “It hurts so good. It’s a slogan: ‘It hurts so good.'”

Intrigued? Owner Piret Awa is talking about infrared lymphatic drainage massage machine, a tongue twister, but it’ll have you…

Alex Miranda: “Ooooh, that feels so good!”

Piret Awa: “So, it’s really for everyone. People who are active, you can do it as a recovery because it’s kind of like a foam roller on steroids.”

Trainer Elmer Hickman says it’s great if you want to be more mobile.

Elmer Hickman: “Once I’m done working out and my hamstring may be a little tight, I come in, I do a quick 15-minute body roll and I could go run.”

And then, well, the reason I’m here.

Piret Awa: “It’s also a contactless massage, so nobody’s touching you, so you can really focus in the areas of the body that hurt the most.”

And these are just a few of its surprising benefits!

Piret Awa: “It expands your blood vessels, so it helps circulation. It also is equipped with color therapy that puts you in a good mood.”

I mean, one more thing and we can just call this a miracle machine.

Piret Awa: “The machine also burns up to 400 calories while you’re sitting on it and doing nothing.”

Well, I wouldn’t say “nothing.”

Alex Miranda: “Sorry, Piret, I just really like this one.”

Which is my back, where all that 2020 tension is hiding.

Alex Miranda: “Oooh, that is so good! Yes! Hallelujah! OK, Piret, I’m in heaven. For anybody who has had any back problems or issues with tension, man, this is exactly what you need.”

You can adjust the speed and, therefore, the intensity, as well as the heat, but I think you already know where I fall on that spectrum.

Alex Miranda: “If you like a deep tissue massage, this is as deep as it gets.”

Sessions are up to 45 minutes, and they range from $27 to $80, and the best part is you can actually watch Netflix while you’re going through your little massage/workout here.


Body Roll Studio
1825 West Ave., Bay 9
Miami Beach, FL 33139

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