Florida Supercon 2016

Well, it’s that weekend again where it’s perfectly normal to see Batman, a Power Ranger and Darth Vader all walking down the street together. Supercon is the biggest comic convention in South Florida, and Deco spent some time with the super fans.

This weekend, all things geek are taking over Miami for Florida Supercon at the Miami Beach Convention Center. Every year, it keeps getting bigger and bigger. Now in its 11th year, they are expecting more than 60,000 people — a lot of them arriving in costume.

Attendee 1: “It’s a really fun place to be. There’s a lot of cool stuff to do here with different movie characters and actors.”

Attendee 2: “I definitely ‘fangirled,’ so I see a lot of characters that I love.”

Attendee 3: “For me, cosplay is kind of about the art, so it’s more like an artistic expression.”

You don’t have to dress up, but it definitely adds to the fun, and if you do, you can compete in Saturday night’s costume contest. The winner walks away with $1,500 cash and a lifetime pass to all Supercon events.

Announcer: “And the winner is Matthew as Alquin from Smite!” (cheers)

It’s also your one-stop shop for comic books and one-of-a-kind collectibles — and fans can line up to take a photo with the stars of “Deadpool,” Star Wars,” “The Walking Dead,” “Doctor Who” and WWE Hall of Famers.

The Godfather: “I’m out here having fun, meeting people, signing autographs and doing it Godfather-style, brother.”

Road Warrior Animal: “You should rush down to Supercon, come meet the Animal, come meet some of the other wrestlers that are here: Diamond Dallas Page, The Godfather, Demolition, Mick Foley, and you know what it’ll be. Oh, what a rush!”

Florida Supercon

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