‘Floor is Lava’ takes you back to your childhood on Netflix

(WSVN) - Pong, Operation and Pac-Man are all classic games from back in the day.

Now, Netflix is taking you back with a new take on a classic game.

Touch the floor and you lose, because the floor is lava!

The obstacle course is colossal, and you really want to stick your landings.

They’re calling it the hottest game show in history.

“Floor is Lava” is a new show on Netflix that’s a blast from the past.

Rutledge Wood, host, “Floor is Lava”: “‘Floor is Lava’ is a game show that’s a remix of the game that so many of us played as kids in the ’80s. You can’t fall down because the floor is lava.”

Hosted by Rutledge Wood, the game has contestants crossing a room full of obstacles.

One wrong move and they fall into bubbling lava.

Rutledge Wood: “It’s usually three teams that are competing. The whole idea is whomever gets the most teammates across the room, into the exit door in the fastest time, wins $10,000.”

Justin Bieber played the game at home with wife Hailey Baldwin capturing his epic moves.

Rutledge Wood: “I love to see the skill and the different approach, so whether its Jimmy down the street or Justin Bieber, there’s some real skill at playing this game.”

The rooms are filled with furniture, spaceships and pyramids.

Rutledge Wood: “There’s so many different crazy settings and all of the rooms are different.”

So about this lava, what’s it really made of?

Rutledge Wood: “It’s magic lava. When you fall in, it doesn’t hurt you, it doesn’t burn you, and later you appear and you’re completely dry, and that’s the great thing about magic.”

As for Bieber, we might see him crash and burn in an upcoming show.

Rutledge Wood: “I think a celebrity edition of ‘Floor is Lava’ would be tremendous.”

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