What could be better than a day on the water? A day on the water with food … and what could be even better than that? Water, food and music! Alex Miranda, who never turns down an opportunity to pretend he’s a DJ, has the story.

They won’t serve you alcohol, but they have literally everything else covered. Aquatic Flavors is a new floating oasis off Haulover Beach that will feed you, entertain you and serve up a delicious platter of good vibes.

At Haulover Sandbar, just north of Bal Harbour…

Gino Garofolo, Aquatic Flavors: “It’s just a good, positive energy out here.”

A new floating restaurant and club is serving…

Jovanni Garofolo: “Good food and good vibes.”

Aquatic Flavors has the whole “perfect day on the water” thing down pat.

Gino Garofolo: “People pull up to the sandbar. They anchor. They walk up to the boat.”

Or, you can flag a kayak or JetSki. They’ll take your order and deliver it right back to your boat.

Alex Miranda: “Get your hot, hot dogs! Get your wieners!”

Gino Garofolo: “Tacos, Philly steak sandwiches, chicken tenders, fries.”

Alex Miranda: “A sirloin burger, chicken wings, ceviche, anything that you would ever want on the water. Tessa, though, I’m thinking … a SpongeBob ice cream?”

Tessa, server: “OK!”

All right, so I have the taste of a 12-year-old. Sue me!

Alex Miranda: “Ummm! This is really good!”

Akshay had a cheeseburger.

Akshay, customer: “It’s actually really amazing. I only thought I was just going to have one bite, but it’s tasty.”

Oh, and I like this song.

Jovanni Garofolo: “The energy is great. We’ve got people dancing in the water, on the sandbar, in their boat.”

DJBreezy2Fly even has your playlist covered.

DJBreezy2Fly: “Reggaeton, it can be a little salsa, merengue, bachata. I can give you some hip-hop, some guaracha, some house, some deep house.”

That is, until I take over.

Alex Miranda: “Hey! What’s your favorite entertainment show?”

Beachgoers: “Deco Drive!”

They’re out here every Friday through Sunday and long holiday weekends, attracting all kinds of visitors.

Bethany, customer: “We just pulled up in a boat. We were just going to be chill, but just as soon as I heard the music, I said, ‘Forget it.’ My Cuban self — I gotta come dance, i gotta come hang out, have some food.”

Speaking of vibes, Bethany is an entire vibe, and so is her dog, Shanti.

Alex Miranda: “Aww! I love her!”

Aquatic Flavors opens around 9 a.m. and closes around 9 p.m. It varies day to day, though.

Also, the SpongeBob ice cream comes with my highest recommendation.

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