BUENOS AIRES (WSVN) — Argentina offered more than just work for two American Airlines junior flight attendants who, after missing Taylor Swift’s concert due to a weather-related reschedule, found unexpected solace in a captain’s heartfelt piano serenade.

Macarena Gimenez and Micaela Carballo, who are based out of Miami and were in town for a work assignment, were forced to miss Taylor Swift’s concert in Buenos Aires due to a weather-induced reschedule.

Despite holding Friday floor tickets, the show moved to Sunday, which was the same day they were supposed to fly out.

“We were getting ready, listening to Taylor Swift together in our hotel room, and we go downstairs, we order a taxi, and just as we were about to get into the car, we see that she posted that she had to reschedule due to weather,” said Gimenez.

“Outside, it was just hurricanes, tsunami. It was impossible to do a show like that,” said Carballo, “so it was just like, ‘Wow, our luck.'”

Sharing their disappointment with an American Airlines captain, the two friends, who are both from Argentina, received an unexpected surprise.

The captain, empathetic to their missed opportunity, learned to play a Taylor Swift song on the piano, and two days later, he invited Carballo and Jimenez to join him in the hotel lobby.

“We were all in uniform, all ready to go to the airport, and that’s when he tells us to go to the piano, and he had prepared one of Taylor Swift’s most famous songs,” said Carballo.

The sour news turned into a sweet surprise, as the friends sang along with the captain in the hotel lobby right before their flight out of Argentina. They captured the heartfelt moment on video they later posted on social media.

Gimenez and Carballo expressed immense gratitude for the captain’s thoughtful gesture, turning a missed concert into a cherished memory.

“He also showed us his notes, that he actually went into his room, learned the song. We were blown away by it,” said Carballo.

“Amazing pianist, he’s incredible,” said Gimenez. “He was like, ‘Oh, you know, I’m not that good.’ He’s so humble, and he’s such an angel, and for thinking about us in that moment and doing that for us, it just made us feel really special, and it was awesome.”

The flight attendants said they received refunds for their Taylor Swift concert tickets, and they hope to see the pop star live on stage soon.

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