Flamingos Vintage Pound offers unique take on clothes shopping

Pound for pound, this could be one of the best fashion deals around. One South Florida store is changing the way you buy clothes — or at least the way you pay for them.

Flamingos Vintage Pound doesn’t take fashion lightly. The Wynwood thrift store features styles from the 1950s to the ’90s.

But it’s how they sell those styles that sets them apart.

Genesis Montalvan, manager: “We don’t really have anything like this in Miami.”

That’s because Flamingos doesn’t sell clothes by the piece. They sell it by the pound.

Genesis Montalvan: “Tops and dresses — they’re like $12.99 per pound, and denim is gonna be $9.99 per pound.”

You just pick your pieces, take them to the counter and pay based on what it weighs.

Genesis Montalvan: “You don’t have to reach one pound to buy something here. We’ll weigh it as it is.”

Racks are arranged by style — like colorful button-ups, bedazzled dresses, cowboy kicks, and ’90s style jackets — and sizes, which range from small to XXL.

Gersten Ecker, customer: “Whenever you find a piece that has character in it, you know it has almost a story to tell. That’s what I love about vintage pieces.”

You’re sure to find something that makes you stand out.

Genesis Montalvan: “You’re gonna be the only one with that piece. That’s what makes it unique.”

Flamingos Vintage Pound is guaranteed to have something that tips the scale in your favor.

Genesis Montalvan: “You don’t want to look like everyone else. You wanna be yourself and have your own style.”

Flamingos Vintage Pound also carries its own collection, called Recycled, where a few vintage items get refashioned into something new. Those pieces are priced per item, not by the pound.


Flamingos Vintage Pound
719 NW 29th St.
Miami, FL 33127
(281) 889-1609

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