Why be just pretty or smart, when you can be both? There’s a new sitcom dropping this Friday that’s all about friendship and fun. Deco’s putting on our thinking caps and getting. like, super smart with the cast of “Pretty Smart.”

Olivia Macklin (as Claire): “I can’t believe Chelsea is moving to LA. I’m so excited.”

Gregg Sulkin (as Grant): “And because you’re excited, I’m excited, and that’s really exciting.”

There’s a whole lot of excitement going around in Netflix’s new comedy series “Pretty Smart.”

Olivia Macklin (as Claire): “Chelsea!”

Emily Osment (as Chelsea): “Hi.”

Olivia Macklin (as Claire): “She’s like a genius.”

The show is about two polar-opposite sisters who end up living together after one of them gets dumped.

Emily Osment is Chelsea, a smarty pants Harvard grad.

Emily Osment: “I like her big, fat brain. It’s funny.”

Chelsea has a lot to learn about living in the real world.

Olivia Macklin is her baby sis Claire, aka the nicest person ever.

Olivia Macklin: “Claire loves to bake. She wants to, like, she’s your sleepover buddy, and I love it. I love everything about Claire.”

Emily Osment: “I remember stopping halfway through and, like, texting Olivia and being, like, ‘Oh, my gosh, you just jump off the screen, ’cause you’re so positive!'”

Chelsea and Claire don’t live alone, ’cause let’s be real, rent in Los Angeles ain’t cheap.

Olivia Macklin (as Claire): “This is Grant. We used to date, but we had a mutual breakup, so now we’re roommates.”

Michael Hsu Rosen (as Jayden): “It is so wonderful for you to finally meet me.”

Olivia Macklin (as Claire): “Jayden’s an influencer, and this is Solana. She’s a healer.”

Cinthya Carmona plays Solana … and guess what!

Cinthya Carmona: “This is such a big deal for me. I’m from Miami, I grew up watching Deco Drive, so I’m just happy right now.”

We see you, SoFlo queen!

Cinthya Carmona: “I’m very much drawn to strong female roles. I think those are so much fun to play. Even though she looks like this little delicate flower, she’s not, and she’s intense.”

Michael Hsu Rosen’s character is an influencer, so we wanted to know what apps the cast is totally obsessed with.

Michael Hsu Rosen: “I love TikTok. TikTok just brings me so much joy. I’m, like, up in the middle of the night, peeing in my bed because I’m laughing so hard.”

Emily Osment: “I listen to a lot of podcasts, so I have the podcasts app like right up there.”

Those are fun, but I think Gregg Sulkin and Olivia’s answers win.

Gregg Sulkin: “I think for me, mine’s Zillow, which is very weird, but I love looking at homes.”

Olivia Macklin: “The Calm app. When I say I’ve never gotten to the end of Laura Dern’s ‘The Ocean Moon,’ oh, my God, I have to tell her that.

Emily Osment: :’You put me to sleep, Laura Dern.'”

Olivia Macklin: “‘Every night!'”

Emily Osment: “‘Every night!'”

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