Fitness trainer for Victoria’s Secret models creates workout plan

Imagine strapping a medicine ball between your legs and working out with it. Sounds freaky, but that’s the way the angels do it. Victoria’s Secret Angels, that is. We caught up with the trainer who invented this unique fitness class.

This may look like a childbirth education class.

Siobhan Hogan (as birthing teacher in Baby Mama): “How many of you are planning on using toxic western medications to drug your baby for your own selfish comfort. Anyone?”

No, it’s not like that at all. It’s a fitness class!

Stephen Pasterino, fitness instructor: “Pvolve is a method I created. It’s low impact. It’s a combination of large and small movements. A lot of toning exercises — all functional science based off a lot of physical therapy techniques.”

Bottom line…

Stephen Pasterino: “It lengthens and tones your muscles, creates strength without building bulk.”

And you — yeah you, Deco viewer — can train just like Victoria’s Secret Angels do.

Stephen is based out of New York but is sharing his techniques with the world.

Stephen Pasterino: “I’ve been working with Victoria’s Secret models for a few years now, and I really just didn’t want to be another trainer who kind of kept everything to themselves. I wanted to give everyone access to this amazing workout.”

We checked out a Pvolve session at Inhale Miami.

While there’s more to the workout than this thing called a P.Ball … we had to ask about it.

Stephen Pasterino: “Toning the inner thighs — it’s almost impossible. But I created this P.Ball. It goes right between your legs and targets that muscle specifically.”

Carina Massa, client: “It feels like you’re holding something tight between your legs, which is hard to sustain for a long time, so it’s awkward, but at the same time it’s totally doable. It feels like you’re getting to muscles and parts of your body that you can never tone any other way.”

The workout looks pretty exhausting, but looks can be deceiving.

Aga Darbieshire, client: “The feeling you get afterwards [is] like you accomplished something, but you still have energy to do something more in your day instead of just laying down like, ‘Ahh, I’m dying!'”

Plus you’re going in knowing that the top models in the world are giving it their seal of approval.

Carina Massa: “It gives the results you’d wanna see on the runway, so definitely worth it.”

The Pvolve workouts are streamed online here. You can have access to them for free for 30 days with the promo code “MIAMI30.”

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