Fit Farm in Davie allows people to exercise alongside animals

The only thing Lynn loves more than working out with her friends is working out with cows, sheep, goats, and there’s a place in Davie where you can do just that. Deco’s BFFF, Best Farm Friend Forever, Alex Miranda is there.

At Fit Farm in Davie, you can work out with animals, but it’s not just cute. It’s also therapeutic, and by the way, animals make everything better, even squats.

Elle Woods from “Legally Blonde” said it best.

Reese Witherspoon (as Elle Woods): “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy.”

Especially when you take those workouts outside.

Daniel Palacios, Fit Farm: “The sun allows you to process Vitamin D, which is great for your immune system.”

It’s why this outdoor, open-air studio at the 15-acre Family Farms in Davie…

Robert Hoover, Family Farms: “We have chickens. We have tortoises. We have ponies.”

…is the perfect place to break a sweat during the coronavirus pandemic.

Lynne Abbott, Fit Farm: “We have farm yoga. We have bonfire yoga. Of course, we have boot camp.”

Lynne Abbott is the founder of Fit Farm, which pretty much explains itself.

Lynne Abbott: “You just hear the cows mooing and the roosters crowing. It’s just peaceful.”

As a newbie, I was relived I wasn’t the only amateur here! That’s Milkshake, the sheep.

Lynne Abbott: “That third eye between your brows and the chin, that feels good.”

My zen moment came to an end when I met trainer Joseph Zamd.

Joseph Zamd: “Grab your log, put it on your right.”

Who put me through the shoulder, quad and gluteus maximus-heavy log lifting lunge.

Joseph Zamd: “Keep going, all the way. All the way. We don’t quit. We don’t quit.”

And rolling this wooden wheel! A full-body workout.

Joseph Zamd: “And follow it through with your upper body, and go! Good.”

But, pro tip: don’t get overzealous!

Alex Miranda: “Wait, Joseph, stop the wheel!”

Unless, of course, you’re lifting tires.

Alex Miranda: “OK, so you say this is the most challenging of all?”

Joseph Zamd: “Absolutely! Beast mode.”

Alex Miranda: “Beast mode, let’s do it!”

But, you’re not just working on the physical here.

Coach Daniel Palacios will have you walking a mental tightrope with this exercise, and then there are the therapeutic benefits, too.

Daniel Palacios: “People come out here, they see the animals and instantly you see them let their guard down and just enjoy the experience of it.”

If you would like to schedule a class, prices start at $12, and the personal training classes vary depending on the trainer.


Fit Farm
14950 SW 14th St.
Davie, FL 33326

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