Firefighters are real-life heroes who deserve thanks and praise. They also happen to be nice to look at, and boy did Lynn do some lookin’ at the 2019 Secretary’s Day Luncheon. About 20 hunky stud muffins strutted their stuff to compete for a spot in the South Florida Firefighters Calendar.

Nelly (singing “Hot In Herre”): “It’s getting hot in here, so take off all your clothes.”

Someone call the fire department!

Oh wait, they’re already here…

The Weather Girls (singing “It’s Raining Men”): “It’s raining men! Hallelujah! It’s raining men!”

Auditions for next year’s South Florida Firefighters Calendar went down at Jungle Island’s Treetop Ballroom, Wednesday.

Deco’s own Lynn Martinez had the honor of co-hosting because she’s an expert on the subject of firefighters.

Lynn Martinez: “What’s your hidden dance move? Go ahead and tell me. It’s a secret.”

Javier, firefighter: “Jump on the floor and shake a little booty.”

Lynn Martinez: “Oh, oh! I’d like to see you jumping on the floor and shaking a little booty!”

Jorge, firefighter: “I’m just expecting to shake what my mama gave me.”

Lynn Martinez: “Oh, wow. What did your mama give you?”

Jorge: “She gave me this.” *Jorge pats his butt*

Lynn Martinez: “What did you do to prepare?”

Christopher, firefighter: “I actually just got back from Coachella in California, so I practiced my dance moves over there.”

Lynn Martinez: “Now, I’m ready to be entertained by some hot firefighters! Let’s go see…”

*Montage of firefighters working the stage*

Lynn Martinez (announcing): “Lazaro is single! He’s Cuban.”

The first phase of the competition is just a casual introduction — and tease — to the hundreds of women in the audience.

Lynn Martinez (announcing): “Woo! Just getting warmed up! Fired up!”

Then it’s time for phase two: the main event.

Take off that bunker gear, gentlemen!

Billy Joel (singing “We Didn’t Start the Fire”): “We didn’t start the fire. It was always burning.”

*Montage of firefighters dancing and taking off their gear*

The ladies are lovin’ themselves some men in and out of uniform.

Bianca Rossato, attendee: “I think it’s the best lunch I’ve ever been to.”

Tiffany Ors, attendee: “This is such a good show. I mean, it’s for a really good cause, and it’s really fun. All the ladies have a really good time, and I’m really enjoying myself here.”

Each firefighter was impressive, if Lynn may say so herself. But who’s going to make the calendar?!

Drum roll, please…

Lynn Martinez (announcing): “All of you are the winner!”

That’s right! Each firefighter is going to be in the calendar, which makes sense since all of them were already winners in Lynn’s book.

All that stripping is for a good cause.

Wednesday’s luncheon benefits the UHealth Jackson Burn Center and A Safe Haven for Newborns.


South Florida Firefighters Calendar

Jungle Island
1111 Parrot Jungle Trail
Miami, FL 33132

UHealth Jackson Burn Center at the Ryder Trauma Center
1800 NW 10th Ave.
Miami, FL 33136

A Safe Haven for Newborns
6955 NW 77th Ave.
Miami, FL 33166

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