It’s almost spring, which means love, like pollen, is in the air! It’s at the box office too! There’s a new rom-com in theaters, and we untied Alex Miranda just so he could tell us about it.

Love, drama and even a little bit of mystery: you’ll find all that and more in the new movie, “Long Weekend.”

And tonight, the cast is telling Deco all about their own love stories.

Finn Wittrock (as Bart): “You’ve never played with a sparkler?”

Zoe Chao (as Vienna): “Nope.”

Finn Wittrock (as Bart): “Run.”

Zoe Chao (as Vienna) “You gotta run with me! Come on!”

Sparks are flying in the new romantic dramedy “Long Weekend.”

The film stars Finn Wittrock and Zoe Chao as Bart and Vienna, two struggling lovebirds who find each other at the right time.

Zoe Chao (as Vienna): “I came to town to, I don’t know, escape?”

Finn Wittrock (as Bart): “Had some emotional problems, and now, I’m broke. My life is in total shambles.”

You already know I love a good rom-com, but what about Finn and Zoe?

Finn Wittrock: “Slasher, horror, that’s what I usually go for.”

Says the guy who’s been in four seasons of “American Horror Story.”

Finn Wittrock: “No, I’m a softie at heart. I love movies like this.”

Zoe Chao: “I do love old, like, 1940s rom-coms or 1930s, ’50s, ’60s. I love those so much.”

In the movie, Bart and Vienna have some pretty cute moments, but what’s the most romantic thing someone’s done for Zoe in real life?

Zoe Chao: “He’s a river guide, and he took me down the Salmon River for a whole week in Idaho. By the end of that trip, I was like, ‘I love you.'”

Top that, Finn!

Zoe Chao: “He’s like Googling ‘romantic things, things I should have done.'”

Finn Wittrock: “This isn’t romantic at all, but my wife will tell this story. I made her watch ‘Magnolia’ with me, and she says I kept looking over and seeing her reaction to the big ending when the frogs fall from the sky, and basically, that was like a test of whether I would stay with her or not.”

Finn and Zoe had a blast making “Long Weekend.”

She got to sing…

Zoe Chao (as Vienna) “Stars seeing flight.”

And he got to bust out some bad celebrity impressions like…

Finn Wittrock: “Pacino? Ughhhh!”

Zoe Chao: “Do the Pacino one again.”

Finn Wittrock: “Ohhhh. It’s terrible. It’s the only Pacino I can do. It sounds like you have a hairball.”

Finn Wittrock (as Bart): “Are you real?”

Zoe Chao (as Vienna): “There’s a reason I was drawn to you.”

You can catch “Long Weekend” in theaters on Friday.

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