Find the biggest piñata at Cinco de Wynwood

The fiesta is going strong all over SoFlo and Deco’s checking out Cinco de Wynwood — where you can get goodies from the largest piñata on earth!

Get ready for a grande good time at Cinco de Wynwood. The street festival will feature food, drinks and music — so you can live large!

Tony Albelo, event director: “Think of Cinco de Mayo, except colossal. It’s everything you would expect but bigger and better. Giant margaritas, all the food trucks are Mexican themed food, the tacos are bigger, the burritos are bigger.”

Food trucks will serve up Mexican favorites — no hot dogs or hamburgers allowed!

Tony Albelo: “Even if it’s a barbecue truck, that day they’re doing Mexican barbecue, they’re doing everything Mexican style.”

Organizers also went big with a jumbo sized piñata.

Tony Albelo: “It took two forklifts to bring it in. It took three days to build. It’s built out of aluminum, it’s the largest piñata ever to be hung in the world.”

That’s gonna hold a lot of candy.

Tony Albelo: “So inside the piñata, we’re going to have everything adult oriented or adult themed. Drink tickets, necklaces, beads, a little bit of everything. Trust me, there’s gonna be a few hidden surprises in there.”

And at the bar — the margaritas are flowing.

Bartender: “Oh yeah, this is gonna be good!”

We’re talking premium tequila — and plenty of it.

Tony Albelo: “A normal margarita, it’s gonna be a 10, 12 oz margarita. Our margaritas are 24 oz; the bigger the better.

Bartender: “We’re gonna put some fresh tequila in this glass for you.”

Sounds like a wyn wyn situation — a little north of the border.

Tony Albelo: “If you really want to embrace the Mexican culture, celebrate with our Mexican brothers and sisters, Cinco de Wynwood is the place to be.”

Bartender: “Happy Cinco de Wynwood. Let’s go!”


Cinco de Wynwood at MANA Wynwood
2250 NW 2nd Ave.
Miami, FL 33127

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